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Simon the Cat and the Christmas Tree

My dog says there's nothing more fun for the family pet during the holiday season than playing with the Christmas tree! If you've ever had a cat in your life, this scene will probably ring true!

Comic Strip Writer Advocates for Animal Rights

My dog says if you care about animals (all of them, not just the furry ones who live in your house!), you should check out the comic strip, Bizarro! Written by Dan Piraro, a vegan who advocates for animals through his art, Bizarro helps raise awareness about animal issues that we should all know about.

Check out this great slide show of some of Dan's best comics! And, if you like what you see, vote for Dan in the Vegan 100 list on (note: as Dan moves up or down the list, the "vote" link may not go directly to Dan's profile)!

The holidays are murder on turkeys

My dog says the holidays are no holiday for turkeys! This comic says it all. Something to think about as you start your shopping for Christmas dinner. Everyone--human, furry, and feathered--wants to enjoy living life.

If Jack Bauer was a dog

My dog says it's Monday and 24 is on! Are you a fan of the show? If so, you'll love this comic!

* And be sure to click HERE to check out Dan Piraro's blog for more of his great comics.

I am the cat and I will go where I please

My dog says he thinks the image below should resonate with all the "cat people" out there. Cats are so strong-willed, aren't they?

*If the animated image below doesn't work on your computer, click HERE for the full effect.

Source credit: and

Chained dogs deserve better

My dog says this comic below is absolutely heartbreaking. People who chain their dogs sentence them to a life of lonliness, despair, and emotional and physical neglect. Dogs are pack animals who crave companionship and interaction with their human families--not a solitary life with a chain around their necks!

To learn what YOU can do to help chained dogs, click HERE to visit Dogs Deserve Better. DDB is a great group that works tirelessly to educate people and to bring these wonderful canines into warm and loving homes where they belong.

Would you want to live your life like this?

Imagine being boiled alive

My dog says he wonders why people give absolutely no thought to the barbaric act of boiling another living creature while he/she is still alive? Yes, boiling them alive. Seems like a twisted act taken from a sci-fi book, doesn't it?

The next time you happily scamper up to the lobster tank at your local restaurant to select your victim, ah, make that your entree, remember this: lobsters feel pain. Yes, friends, lobsters feel pain.

When pinatas strike back

My dog says he LOVES this comic. Why are pinatas always animals? Can't kids use a bat to beat the heck out of something else?

* The cartoonist, Dan Piraro, is a great animal advocate. To support him and all his animal-friendly comics, be sure to visit his blog, by clicking HERE. He's an awesome talent with a compassionate heart!

Yes, declawing is mutilation

My dog says he loves this comic by the very talented Dan Piraro. Follow Dan's blog by clicking HERE. His comics tackle many issues, but Dan is always using his talent to enlighten people about animal issues. Yay Dan!

P.S. See some of Dan's other great animal comics by clicking HERE (scroll down to see everything). They're available for purchase on notecards, posters, and more.

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