Dog versus balloon

My dog says this dog is having one heck of a good time! If my mom ever did this to me, I'd pee on her foot. But, it looks as though Copper is having a fun time playing with his yellow balloon. I'm tired from just watching it...

Was Doctor Doolittle the first animal rights activist?

My dog says he just watched the 1967 version of Doctor Doolittle and had no idea what a progressive animal rights message it had. The veterinarian becomes a vegetarian because he loves animals, liberates a sad seal from a circus, protects a fox from a hunter, and treats all animals with respect and kindness. Truly a special man, indeed!

The best song in the film is called "Like Animals". It's from the scene where the doctor is sentenced to an insane asylum for talking to the animals, because, of course, they're not people--they're just animals!

Although we tried to find a video clip for the blog, the only one we could find couldn't be embedded here due to copyright laws. However, take a look at the lyrics below. If you love animals like Doctor Doolittle did, you'll find the words quite enchanting and powerful!

Like Animals

I do not understand the human race.
It has so little love for creatures with a different face.
Treating animals like people is no madness or disgrace.
I do not understand the human race.

I wonder —
Why do we treat animals like animals?
Animals treat us so very well.
The devoted ways they serve us
And protect us when we’re nervous,
Oh, they really don’t deserve us,
All we give them is hell!

Tell me how else man repays them —
Do we ever think to praise them?
No we don’t, and this dismays them. You can tell.
We’re riddled with ingratitude,
We give no love or latitude,
In every way our attitude
Is, well, like animals.
No, no — that’s not what I mean.

I mean —
Why do we treat animals like animals?
How can people be so inhumane?
Cows and chickens work to feed us,
Dogs and horses show they need us,
And though cats don’t always heed us
Their affection is plain.

What do we do? We neglect them,
We do nothing to protect them,
We reject them, don’t expect them
To complain.
We ignore them or we beat them,
When we’re hungry then we eat them,
It’s appalling how we treat them,
It’s insane!

Like animals!

We humiliate and murder and confine them.
We create their wretched status,
Then we use it to malign them.

I mean,
Why should we say, “treated like a dog,”
Why should we say, “working like a horse,”
Why should we say, “eating like a hog,”
When what we mean is “eating like a man”?
Don’t we? Of course!

A man of ill repute is called a “weasel” or a “rat,”
A woman you dislike becomes a “vixen” or a “cat,”
A family that is blessed
With healthy reproductive habits
Occasions the remark,
"Well you know them, they “breed like rabbits”!

“He’s as stubborn as a mule!”
“He’s as stupid as an ox!”
“He’s as slimy as a snake!”
“He’s as crafty as a fox!”
Remarks like that really get my goat!

Why don’t we say, “noble as a frog”?
Or, why can’t we say, “wealthy as a hen”?
True, we say, “devoted as a dog,”
But what we should say is:
“Chic as a giraffe,”
“Pretty as a pig,” eh? —
That’ll be the big day,
Won’t it? But when?
But when?
But when?

When will we stop treating them like animals?
Is the human race entirely mad?

Women see a baby goatskin
Or a lambskin or a stoatskin
And to them it’s just a coatskin —
Oh, it’s terribly sad!

When you dress in suede or leather,
Or some fancy fur or feather,
Do you stop and wonder whether,
For a fad,
You have killed some beast or other,
And you’re wearing someone’s brother,
Or perhaps it’s someone’s mother
In which you’re clad?

Like animals! Like animals!

Like animals.

Well, it’s true, we do not live in a zoo.
But man is an animal too.
So why can’t you,
Like me,
Like animals?
. . . animals.

* For now, you can see the video clip of this song on YouTube by clicking HERE. However, it could be taken down anytime.

Help a cow or save a pig this holiday season!

My dog says if you're looking to make a year-end donation, why not give it to Farm Sanctuary? This wonderful organization provides lifelong care and shelter to animals who were saved from slaughter or other life-threatening situations. Make a donation before December 17 and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous benefactor.

Learn more about the animals who were helped this year at Farm Sanctuary by watching the touching video below. We defy you to look at those little piglets and not feel all happy inside to see them playing and safe in their new home! Oink!

Want to know what the cat is thinking? Ask him!

My dog says he's in the mood for something silly today. Now, we haven't a clue how this cat is doing this, but we dogs know that cats are full of magic, right? This cat is amazing! Thank goodness he doesn't live in MY house!

The holidays are murder on turkeys

My dog says the holidays are no holiday for turkeys! This comic says it all. Something to think about as you start your shopping for Christmas dinner. Everyone--human, furry, and feathered--wants to enjoy living life.

Even turkeys want to give thanks on Thanksgiving

My dog says Thanksgiving is a day for all of us to relish family and be thankful for the wonderful things in our lives. Ever stop to think that a turkey is just as grateful for his or her life as you are for yours? Of course they are!

So why not bring some compassion to your holiday season by serving a cruelty-free meal? Check out the suggestions in the video below and meet Lily the turkey. After all, shouldn't everyone be thankful on Thanksgiving?

Turn your animal photos into works of art

My dog says get ready to have some fun! Have a cute picture of your animal? Well, how about making it all artsy with a click of your mouse? We took some ordinary photos and made the images you see to the right and left. Cool, huh?

To make your own images, totally free of charge, click HERE! Think this is the neatest thing you've ever heard about? Be sure to "like" this post, tweet it, or share it with a friend! We know all you animal lovers will want to do it. Two paws up on this one!

That raccoon isn't wearing a mask for nothing!

My dog says this video is just for pure fun on a Friday. Check out this crafty raccoon as he swipes some home decor! When they say these critters are smart, it's no lie!

It's World Vegan Day

My dog says today, November 1, is World Vegan Day! If you love animals, what better way to show that love than to stop eating them and quit using the products that exploit them. Not ready to go fully vegan? That's alright. Anything you can do to minimize animal cruelty and death is a step in the right direction.

Can you say no to down pillows? Can you stop buying leather? What about having a vegan or veggie meal once a week instead of a meat-based one? The animals will appreciate it and you will be living a more compassionate lifestyle that doesn't rely on the suffering of animals!

To learn more about World Vegan Day, click HERE for useful links and activities in your area.

Baby monkey pals around with baby piglet

My dog says he can't get this song out of his head! Although he generally hates to see monkeys in captivity, it seems as though this one is having a good time with his piggy friend. Another great example of how animals can live in harmony with one another. Something us humans should really learn to do.

Check out "Baby Monkey"! We guarantee the tune will stick in your head all day!

Glee star speaks out to help animals

My dog says today is Tuesday and for many people that means another episode of Glee! For you Gleeks, and for those with a compassionate heart, check out actress Lea Michele's new PSA (it's Rachel-approved!).

Unlike Dancing with the Stars' "celebrity" Bristol Palin, who will wear fur in an upcoming video, Lea is using her voice to help and respect animals. Go Lea!

Seagull poaches kibble as kitty looks on

My dog says he loves a fun animal video. Check out this bold seagull and the world's most passive kitty cat! Bonus points to the bird in the last 15 seconds.

The dangers of buying pet medications online

My dogs says it's important to ensure the health and safety of your pet by only purchasing medication from legitimate pharmacies. Check out the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) video below about securing pet meds online. Your companion animal counts on you, so be sure to know the facts.

30 reasons to go vegetarian

My dog says "Chew On This" is one of the best short videos about becoming a vegetarian. Check out these 30 great reasons on why you should consider a cruelty-free diet.

Love animals? Why not save one today? You can download a free vegetarian starter kit HERE.

Dog makes dolphin his swim buddy

My dog says he's not a fan of confining dolphins in artificial lagoons so humans can swim with them, but the video below is something special. Check out this amazing interaction between a dolphin in the wild and a Labrador Retriever.

Rock stars speak out for farm animals

My dog says he loves it when celebs speak out on behalf of animals! Check out what Mike Ness (lead singer of Social Distortion), Chrissie Hynde (lead singer of The Pretenders), Tony Kanal (base player, No Doubt), and other entertainers (including comedian Elayne Boosler) had to say while at the Animal Acres Gala to help farm animals.

Oh, and check out my earlier post to learn more about the Animal Acres sanctuary by clicking HERE.

Mama cat makes baby squirrel part of her family

My dog says he doesn't understand why humans can't be as accepting as animals. Check out this mama kitty who is going above and beyond to ensure this wayward baby squirrel is well taken care of.

The little pig who went weeee all the way home

My dog says the next time you sit down to chomp on some bacon or gobble down a ham sandwich, remember that pigs want to live their lives and have fun, too! This new commercial from Geico isn't something that would usually be featured on My Dog Says, but it's a wonderfully beautiful reminder that pigs want to enjoy their lives just as much as humans.


Music legend Willie Nelson speaks out against dog fighting

My dog says two paws up for Willie Nelson! Although a public service announcement (PSA) is the least a celebrity can do to help raise awareness about important issues, not nearly enough of them do it. Kudus to Willie for using his voice to advocate for dogs, and especially for speaking out against dog fighting!

Here's Willie's spot for Best Friends Animal Society:

Woman pets cat then closes her up in garbage can

My dog says he is horrified over the behavior of a woman in England who dumped a cat in the garbage and closed the lid! This happened in England and the city is in an uproar; determined to find the woman with a shriveled up heart.

This is another great reason why you should make your cat an indoor cat. Cats who are let outside face so many dangers: cars, predators, and the very cruel acts of humans.

See the culprit in the video below and be sure to share it with your friends so the perpetrator can be caught (UPDATE: the woman has just been identified)! You're guaranteed to gasp when you see the camera footage, but there's no gore...

For the full story, check out the account from Daily Mail by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: Click HERE for some of the latest coverage since the Devil Mary Bale has been identified. The spoofs in the piece are all well and good, but let's not forget the severity of what this shrew did. It wasn't a lapse in judgment. It was the behavior of a sociopath; someone with no conscience.

Shelter worker murders animal and eats her!

My dog says he was horrified to learn of the animal control officer who took home a pig who had been housed at the shelter, killed her, and ATE her! Apparently, the head of the shelter resigned once the incident came to light, but the employee is still working there.

Although many shelters do euthanize animals due to a lack of shelter space, these facilities are supposed to be a safe haven for animals in the meantime! It is never appropriate for someone who is tasked with caring for animals to murder an animal and then consume her! To have someone with that kind of callousness working with animals is a disgrace!

As for the people who turned in Fluffy to the shelter who are saying it's ridiculous to get worked up over a "stupid pig", shame on them, as well! It seems no one did right by this poor pig. Not her family and not the shelter.

To read the full story, the best account out there is from Huffington Post. Click HERE to read it. And Fluffy was not an "it" as it repeated says in the article. Fluffy was a she. Things are its; living, breathing creatures are hes or shes

Shame on everyone involved. Shame.

Dog birth control biscuit needs FDA approval

My dog says a doggie birth control biscuit is right around the corner! Alex Pacheco, better known for his early work with PETA, has started a new venture that is dedicated to curbing the pet overpopulation problem.

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You has developed a product which will permanently sterilize your companion animal! However, it now needs the funding to secure FDA approval.

Think how wonderful it would be to live in a world where dogs and cats weren't killed due to a lack of good homes. That future could be a reality! No surgery required; just treats!

Check out the video below to learn more: (Oh, and "like" 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You on Facebook by clicking HERE!)

If I didn't have a dog or cat...

My dog says he likes this piece below, entitled "If I Didn't Have a Dog or Cat". A friend posted it to Facebook and we Googled it to find the author, but to no avail. If you're a true blue animal person, no doubt most everything here will hit close to home!

"If I Didn't Have a Dog or Cat"

- I could walk around the yard barefoot in safety.

- My house could be carpeted instead of tiled and laminated.

- All flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and cars would be free of hair.

- When the doorbell rings, it wouldn't sound like a kennel.

- When the doorbell rings, I could get to the door without wading through fuzzy bodies who beat me there.

- I could sit on the couch and my bed the way I wanted, with out taking into consideration how much space several fur bodies would need to get comfortable.

- I would have money, and no guilt to go on a real vacation.

- I would not be on a first-name basis with six veterinarians, as I put their yet unborn grandkids through college.

- The most used words in my vocabulary would not be: out, sit, down, come, no, stay, and leave it alone.

- My house would not be cordoned off into zones with baby gates or barriers.

- I would not talk baby talk (e.g. "Eat your din din" and "Yummy yummy for the tummy").

- My house would not look like a day care center with toys everywhere.

- My pockets would not contain things like poop bags, treats and an extra leash.

- I would no longer have to spell the words B-A-L-L, W-A-L-K, T-R-E-A-T, O-U-T, G-O, R-I-D-E, C-O-O-K-I-E.

- I would not have as many leaves inside my house as outside.

- I would not look strangely at people who think having ONE dog/cat ties them down too much.

- I'd look forward to spring and the rainy season instead of dreading "mud" season.

- I would not have to answer the question, "Why do you have so many animals?"' from people who will never have the joy in their lives of knowing they are loved unconditionally by someone as close to an angel as they will ever get.


This is not your mama's petting zoo

My dog says if you love animals, you'll want to plan a visit to Animal Acres! Located in the outskirts of Los Angeles, this amazing compound is home to pigs, chickens, cows, turkeys, and other "food" animals who have been saved from the slaughterhouse.

Animal Acres is open to the public on tour days and during special events. Not only can you get up close and personal with the animals, but volunteers can teach you anything you care to know about compassionate living. Lots of free educational resources are available to visitors, in addition to a gift shop with great vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and other animal-friendly items.

To learn more about Animal Acres, check out the wonderful video below which gives you a tour of the facility and an idea of what you can expect during your visit. And, yes, that man in the colorful hat at the five minute mark of the video is James Cromwell (better known as the actor who played the farmer in the movie Babe). After filming Babe, Cromwell became a vegan.

It's Veggie Hot Dog Month

My dog says that July is Veggie Hot Dog Month! If you love animals, that means even the ones who taste good, why not join in on the fun and embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle? Or, at a minimum, try a veggie hot dog and see what you think.

To find out if there's a Veggie Hot Dog Month event in your community, click HERE. Not one in your neck of the woods? Well, why not plan an event of your own to turn people onto a compassionate diet? Click HERE for a registration form.

The average vegetarian saves the lives of 95 animals each and every year. What an amazing way to show your love of animals, eh?

Give your kitty a safe and secure outdoor playground

My dog says there are all sorts of dangers that can hurt or kill an outdoor cat. Cars, dogs, mean kids, coyotes or other predators, and the list goes on. Statistics show that kitties who are left outside live an average of five years, whereas indoor cats live 12 to 20 years. Cats also have a detrimental impact on wildlife as they frequently kill birds and have been known to attack other small creatures.

If you think your cat might enjoy some fresh air, though, why not try an enclosure or a kitty stroller?  There are lots of great products on the market, but I was particularly impressed with the variety at Kittywalk Systems (check out the Town and Country outdoor playground below!). Freestanding enclosures can be used anywhere and easily installed systems can enclose any patio.

With an enclosed play area, your kitty can enjoy all that the outside world has to offer, but stay nice and safe! Meow!

It's National Microchip Your Pet Day!

My dog says that today is national Register Your Chip Day! Not potato chip, but microchip!

Accidents happen and having a microchip inserted into your companion animal is yet another way to ensure his/her safe return in case something unexpected happens. Here are the stats on the benefits of microchips, courtesy of PetFinder and FurKeeps:
  • 52.2% of microchipped dogs are returned to their owners, versus 21.9% overall (238% better with a microchip!).
  • 38.5% of microchipped cats are returned to their owners, versus 1.8% overall (over 2000% better with a microchip!).
  • Fewer than 2% of all stray dogs and cats in shelters have microchips.
  • Lost pets who had a microchip were reunited with their families in almost three out of four cases.
  • 35% of microchipped pets who were not reconnected with their families remained in shelters because their the owner had not maintained the information on the chip (e.g. incorrect or disconnected phone number).
Your companion animals depend on you for their safety. In addition to a traditional ID tag, get your pet a microchip! Better safe than sorry.

To learn more about microchips, click HERE.

Has your pet become inconvenient? Kick 'em to the curb!

My dog says that a companion animal is a lifetime commitment. Think before you adopt and be sure that you can provide a lifelong home for a pet. That could mean anywhere up to an average of 16 years. All companion animals depend on their human families for basic necessities and a healthy dose of love. Adoption is forever.

Unfortunately, too many people make up excuses to give away their animals. Yes, life happens and things change, but your pet is part of your family. And, there is NO excuse that's good enough to intentionally put your family at risk.

Ever heard of any these excuses in the video below? Would you talk about your human family this way?

Take Your Dog to Work Day is almost here

My dog says this Friday, June 25, is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Hopefully you work in a dog-friendly office and can take Fido with you, but if not, why not suggest to your boss that your company join in on the fun? Dogs can help relieve stress and put you and your co-workers in a better mood. Having your dog at the office might actually make you stay at work longer, too, because you don't have to worry about rushing home to take him/her out (this should make your boss happy, right?).

To learn more about Take Your Dog to Work Day, click HERE.

Bob Barker speaks out for dogs left in cars

My dog says Bob Barker is such a hero to animals! The former Price is Right host has done so many things to advocate for both wild and domestic creatures and his efforts make a real difference. Advocating for elephants in zoos, protecting whales against Japanese hunters, and establishing an animal law program at the University of Virginia are just a few of the many things Barker has done to help animals.

Barker's most recent good deed is the video below, which reminds people about the dangers of leaving your dog in the car. There are other celebs who do things here and there to help animals, but Barker is a step above the rest and always puts his money where his mouth is. Thank you for all you do for animals, Bob! You are our hero!

Paraplegic dog brings out best in doggie daddy

My dog says he doesn't understand why so many people discount the love and loyalty that disabled companion animals can bring. Luckily, this man gets it! Check out this uplifting video to hear the inspiring story of the bond between Craig and his dog, Loois.

If the BP oil spill was in YOUR hometown

My dog says he found an online tool that will help you understand the massiveness of the BP oil spill.

Just put in your location and the map will show how much of your city and state would be covered if the spill happened in your back yard. This is a wonderful tool to help wrap your head around how huge the spill really is. Click HERE to check it out.

Oh, and to find out what you can do to help, check out my earlier post on hair and fur donations!

Dining with your dog made easy

My dog says if you like to take your dog out and about, you should know all the great dog-friendly restaurants in your neighborhood. To help you find the best joint for you and Fido to hang out, you'll want to visit In addition to having a pretty good list of eateries across the globe, you can also find more than 30,000 listings for pet-friendly hotels/motels, campgrounds, beaches, parks, and other places that your pooch is welcome.

After all, your pup is part of the family. Why not take him or her along to enjoy the day with you!

Four timely reminders for pet parents

My dog says he's passing on some important reminders to all the pet parents out there. The reason for this topic is because our family lost our smallest member this week. Scarlet was a four-pound chihuahua, rescued from the Los Angeles city shelter. On Sunday, she passed away unexpectedly. One minute she was fine, a few hours later she was dead.

So, as a family grieving over the loss of someone special, we pass on these reminders to all those who have a special animal in their lives: 

1) Take lots of pictures of your companion animals. In this day and age of digital cameras, it's easy and cheap, so be sure to snap pictures every week or month. You will never regret having too many photos, but you will always regret not having enough once your loved one has left this Earth.

Scarlet's first week with us in her new home

2) If you don't have some sort of video capturing device, get one--and use it. Scarlet used to prance around with such joy and grace and there is no video of her. This is something that saddens our family. Take lots of video of your furbabies. This will help keep your memories alive.

Scarlet at the Halloween parade

3) Tell your dog/cat/bunny/guinea pig/bird every day how much you love them. Give them kisses, hugs, pets, and show them that you care. Life can change in an instance and any moment could be the last time you are with your furry or feathered companion animal.  Always make sure they know they're loved. 

Scarlet celebrating Christmas in her Santa outfit

4) This is an extension of #3, but a wee bit different. Make time. It's so easy to get keyed up from a hectic day and bring that tension home with you. It's easy to be distracted with all the responsibilities nagging at you. But, be sure to make time each day for quality bonding with your animal family (and give them ample opportunity to enjoy the things they love: walks, sunbathing, etc.). Your pets are great listeners and stress relievers. Don't get so caught up with other things that you take their presence for granted. 

Now, go tell your furchildren how much they mean to you while they're still here. All we have left of Scarlet is memories. She stole our hearts and took them with her when she died.

The dog versus cat top 10

My dog says this is an interesting graph on dogs versus cats. I think the first part of #9 is particularly insightful and the second part of #9 is no surprise if you have a kitty who won't use the litter box.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Cats vs Dogs

A Yorkie who knows all about New York

My dog says he thinks this pup has a sweet job! Check out Schmitty the Weather Dog and his sidekick, Meteorologist Ron Trotta. Rain, wind, and humidity have never been so enjoyable!

* To follow Schmitty on Twitter, click HERE and to check out Schmitty's blog on GottaVisitNYC, click HERE. Oh, woof, and Schmitty's on YouTube, too! Click HERE to subscribe to his videos.

Jane Lynch from Glee speaks out for animals

My dog says he loves the TV show Glee and he howls so he can be a Gleek, too!. Now, the actress who plays the most infamous character on the show (Sue Sylvester) is speaking out in favor of dogs and cats. Jane Lynch loves her dog and talks about the impact her companion animals have had on her life. She also has something to say about spaying and neutering. Check it out:

Donate your hair or your pet's fur to help clean oil spills

My dog says your hair and your pet's fur can help clean up oil spills (such as the current tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico)! Check out the video below to see how hair clippings can be recycled for a great cause!

Hair salons and animal grooming shops are encouraged to participate in hair drives and individuals can send in hair remnants as well. Click HERE to find out all the details!

This puppy dog can really enunciate!

My dog says he's seen quite a few videos with dogs saying "hello", but this is by far the best! This husky is one canine with some superior enunciation! Go Mishka!

Pit Bull Blues

My dog says this song about being a pit bull is wonderful. My sister, Faith, is a pittie and I have to say she's experienced a lot of this kind of discrimination first hand.

Have a pit bull in your life who you love? Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe is bound to strike a chord. Give a listen.

Does your pet trump your spouse in the listening department?

My dog says a new poll by the Associated Press and says pets are frequently better listeners than spouses. One-third of married women and nearly one-fifth of married men say their companion animal listens more than their significant other. Is that really any surprise?

To read the complete poll results and why we animals are such rockin' friends, click HERE.

You don't know sleep walking until you see this pup

My dog says he's seen a dog move his feet in his sleep before, but this dog takes the cake (er, make that Jerky Treat)! This must be one heckuva dream. Hope he got a kiss and some pets when he came to.

You, too, can give a voice to the voiceless

My dog says if you love a family dog or cat, please take a moment to view this video from Mercy for Animals. YOU can make a difference in the lives of animals--all animals.

To learn more about MFA's amazing work, click HERE.

Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace." -
Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1953

Lizards love their skin, too

My dog says although ignorance is bliss, you should really know the origin of your clothes. Have a lizard skin belt you love? How about some crocodile shoes? No doubt the lizard and croc loved their skin (and their lives) more than you love your accessories.

To learn about the exotic skins trade, check out the video below from animal lover Joaquin Phoenix. Want to make a real change? Why not stop buying and wearing the skins from these creatures? They need their skin to survive and live their lives in peace. (Worried about still looking stylish? Click HERE to visit Alternative Outfitters, one of many online stores offering cool, cruelty-free clothing and accessories.)

If Jack Bauer was a dog

My dog says it's Monday and 24 is on! Are you a fan of the show? If so, you'll love this comic!

* And be sure to click HERE to check out Dan Piraro's blog for more of his great comics.

Chains are for tires, not dogs

My dog says if you have a heart, this video will move you to tears---and action. Dogs are social animals who want nothing more than to be near their human families. There is nothing crueler than to sentence your dog to a life outside on a chain. Nothing.

To learn how you can help a chained dog live a happier life, click HERE to visit Dogs Deserve Better. You can sponsor a fence to give a dog a safe place to run, speak out for dogs in your community, or shop for merchandise with compassionate messages. Dogs DO deserve better than life on a chain.

Huge patch of plastic covers Atlantic Ocean

My dog says he read a heartbreaking article today about a pile of plastic in the Atlantic Ocean that spans thousands of square miles. Did you know nearly 80% of marine debris comes from the land? So, that litter in the streets, that overflowing garbage can, that trash on the beach; it all ends up in the ocean.

Don't be part of the problem, be a part of the solution! Reduce, reuse, recycle. It's that easy! For tips on how you can help the planet, click HERE. And to read the article about the huge plastic patch in the Atlantic, click HERE.

This planet is home to all of us, on land and on sea, so let's protect it.

Photo contest for senior pets

My dog says seniors rule! Do you have a dog, cat, or other companion animal who is enjoying his or her golden years? Why not enter them in the Found Animals Foundation's Senior Pet Week Contest!

Just submit a photo and you're good to go. The winner will be notified on Monday, April 19 and will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate to FAF's animal resource store. Yep, free shopping!

So, snap that photo of your beloved senior and then give them a big hug. And, be sure to tell them how much you love them!

To enter, click HERE.

* The dog pictured in this post is Annie. She's a senior dog looking for a home. If you're interested in giving Annie the family she so desperately wants, click HERE to learn more about her.

Veggie cooking with a dash of heavy metal

My dog says this is the most awesome cooking demo ever! Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking shows you how to make cruelty-free dishes, complete with a side dish of metal music from bands such as Slayer, Motley Crue, and others.

Today's episode? How to make Seitan (with a cameo from a foul-mouthed, special guest star---you guessed it, Satan!). This ain't no Rachel Ray, so be forewarned.

* To learn more about Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking, click HERE.

The beautiful jellyfish

My dog says this video of jellyfish is absolutely magical. The variety of these creatures is incredible and to see them propel themselves through the water is captivating. Give a look (and remember to always respect the ocean; lives depend on it!).

5 myths about the Canadian seal hunt

My dog says that he can't believe that the Canadian seal hunt is still taking place in this day and age. More than 300,000 seals will die a violent and excruciating death this year alone.

Want to know more about about the real deal of the impact of the hunt? Check out the video below. To help seals, click HERE to visit the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) or HERE for

Hey Kitty Cat! Fame is calling you!

My dog says that Animal Planet is looking for cute, crazy, cuddly, and curious kitty cats to appear on an upcoming show. Check out the video below for all the details on how to get in on the fun.

Good luck, my feline friends!

New Droid app lets you talk with the animals

My dog says there's an app for that! No reason animals should be left out of the smart phone revolution, right?

Well, to bring the world's creatures into the 21st century, Google has developed a new app for the Android: Translate for Animals. Ever wonder what that grunt, bark, meow, snort, or whinny means? Now you can find out what the animals are really thinking!

The harrowing story of Roberta the Pigeon

My dog says he hopes you watch this video about Roberta the pigeon. The narrator is Steve Hindi, founder of SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness). Steve is a former hunter who has changed his life around and is now an amazing advocate for animals.

To learn what you can do to help birds like Roberta from senseless slaughter, please visit Philadelphia Shame. Regardless of our species, we all deserve the right to life.

The simple ways to make your dog happy

My dog says this video of what a dog wants is quite touching. A pup's desires are so simple and all a dog really wants from you is your love.

It always hurts my heart when people take their dog to be put down and don't stay with them when they leave this earth. Yes, it's hard for a human to be a part of such a painful goodbye. But, why on earth would you leave your best friend to die alone at the hands of strangers?

Anyway, lots of good reminders in this piece about the simple ways to make your dog happy. Give it a watch and then go give your pup a hug!

Octomom advocates spay/neuter

My dog says this news about Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) is swirling around the internet today and he couldn't be more amused! This poster below is now front and center on Octomom's front yard and advocates spaying and neutering (ironic, eh?). In exchange for displaying the PSA on her lawn, she received $5,000 and a month's supply of veggie burgers and soy hot dogs from PETA.

The story of a throw-away dog

My dog says he got all teary-eyed listening to these incredibly powerful words. This pup started his life as a puppy mill dog only to become a dead dog walking at the shelter. This spoken word piece is performed by Mindy Fortune (aka MyzFortune) and she has the amazing ability to tell such a moving account of what it must be like to be a discarded dog. Give a listen.

The ending line is utterly heartbreaking: "I hope you are blessed with a family who is impressed by what you possess."

Is your KitKat bar killing monkeys?

My dog says he wants to know if your chocolate addiction is killing orangutans? Click out the video below and if you'd like to learn more about how YOU can help, click HERE.

American military helps animals in Afghanistan

My dog says this story featured on Nightline is an interesting piece on how the U.S. military is helping animals in war-torn Afghanistan. (ABC sometimes inserts ads on its videos, therefore a 30 second commercial might play at the top of the story.)

I am the cat and I will go where I please

My dog says he thinks the image below should resonate with all the "cat people" out there. Cats are so strong-willed, aren't they?

*If the animated image below doesn't work on your computer, click HERE for the full effect.

Source credit: and

There's dog hair everywhere!

My dog says he likes this song called "There's dog hair in everything I do". He doesn't think he sheds a lot, but the black hair throughout the house is hard to deny. Personally, he thinks a bit of hair here and there is a small price to pay for the privilege of his cuddly canine company. His mom would have to agree.

The joy of the puppy snack

My dog says he loves this new spot from Pedigree! Dogs are, indeed, magnificent creatures. Even moreso, in slow motion.

Snorting bulldogs bounce on trampoline

My dog says he normally never posts "cute" videos, but he had to make an exception for this one. It's amazing how these bulldogs actually figure out how to jump and bounce on this trampoline. Add the snorting and panting that bulldogs are famous for, and there's quite a soundtrack, too!

Jimmy Stewart remembers his dog Beau

My dog says this video is an oldie but goodie from 1981. During this appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, the world-renowned Jimmy Stewart reads a poem about his dear dog Beau.

Today is Spay Day across the USA

My dog says everyone who has a companion animal should know the following statistic: In six years, one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs. In seven years, it's possible for one female cat and her offspring to produce approximately 420,000 cats. Yes, nearly half a million cats! What does that mean in the long run? Between six to eight million of those animals enter U.S shelters every year--and about half of them are killed.

Today is Spay Day and spay/neuter clinics across the country are offering free or low cost altering to curb those births and subsequent deaths. What can you do to celebrate Spay Day? If your companion animal isn't fix, do it (besides, it protects them from a variety of cancers and diseases associated with the reproductive system)! If he or she is already altered, why not offer to pay to have someone else's animal fixed? Animals can't wear condoms, so do for them what they cannot do for themselves!

P.S. This poster below is one of my favorites. Mickey Rourke gets a double woof for speaking out in favor of spay/neuter!

So you bought a dog from a breeder?

My dog says he thinks this video is incredibly thought provoking. If you've ever bought a companion animal, or know someone who has, this is something you have to see.

Here's what happens when this animal-loving family finalizes the papers to purchase their new dog.

Smart squirrel seeks shelter from snow

My dog says he loves this photo of a squirrel using her tail to protect herself from the snow. Who says rodents aren't smart?

Subaru goes to the dogs

My dog says that Subaru has created a wonderful new series of commercials with dogs as the stars! The spot below is my favorite, but be sure to check out the others, too (Fire Drill, Drive Thru, Stolen Parking Spot, Parallel Parking, High Maintenance, and Radio).

Nothing like a good dog angle to get me hooked!

Chained dogs deserve better

My dog says this comic below is absolutely heartbreaking. People who chain their dogs sentence them to a life of lonliness, despair, and emotional and physical neglect. Dogs are pack animals who crave companionship and interaction with their human families--not a solitary life with a chain around their necks!

To learn what YOU can do to help chained dogs, click HERE to visit Dogs Deserve Better. DDB is a great group that works tirelessly to educate people and to bring these wonderful canines into warm and loving homes where they belong.

Would you want to live your life like this?

VIDEO: Dog pulls injured canine off freeway

My dog says he doesn't understand why so many humans think they are smarter or better than animals. Check out this AMAZING video below and tell me that animals don't think and feel.

Why do animals always get the short end of the stick?

My dog says he loves the image below. No commentary on this one. Just something to think about.

Monkeys find hot spring in arctic wilderness

My dog says this photo below is absolutely incredible! The weather in Nagano, Japan can be insanely cold and these snow monkeys spend their days in a hot spring to ward off the bone-chilling temperatures.

To see more amazing images of the monkeys, click HERE. I promise you won't be disappointed.

How donuts contribute to animal suffering

My dog says that most people are blissfully unaware of the animal cruelty that is all around them. This brief 30-second video provides an all too brief account of the business practices that Dunkin' Donuts is supporting each and every day.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of animals, please ask Dunkin' Donuts to offer a donut that does not contribute to animal suffering. Click HERE to learn more about the Dunkin' Cruelty campaign.

New dog tag allows your pup to send tweets on Twitter

My dog says he is beyond excited for Puppy Tweets to hit the marketplace this fall. This innovative gadget is a tag that attaches to your dog's collar which allows him/her to sent tweets on Twitter. Yes, tweets!

If you dog is running around the house, the tag senses the activity and sends a tweet that says something like "I finally caught that tail I've been chasing and OOOUUUCH!" If your pup is napping, the tag will trigger your computer to send a tweet that may say, "Sometimes it feels like my paw is permanently on the snooze button!".

Puppy Tweets is being manufactured by Mattel and will retail for $29.99. To read more about Puppy Tweets, click HERE.

The ten worst excuses for not spaying or neutering your pet

My dog says he found this oldie but goodie and wanted to dust it off and throw it into cyberspace. If your companion animal is not spayed or neutered, this is for you. If he or she is altered, thanks for being part of the solution and not contributing to the problem of pet overpopulation.

The Ten Worst Excuses Not to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Millions of healthy cats and dogs are killed every year in the United States because there are not enough homes for all of them. As printed in Ann Landers' column, here are the 10 worst excuses to not spay or neuter your pet:

1. Just one litter and we’ll have her spayed. (Virtually the entire pet overpopulation problem stems from the "just one litter" mentality.)

2. My dog doesn’t run loose, so he doesn’t need to be fixed. (Not fixing him increases the likelihood that he will try to escape and find a mate.)

3. We always find homes for all the kittens. (And that means an equal number of kittens at the pound will have to be killed.)

4. I want the children to witness the miracle of birth. (Rent a video.)

5. My dog is so cute and unique, there should be more of her. (Shelters are full of cute and unique dogs, most with only a few more days to live.)

6. It’s not natural. (There hasn’t been anything "natural" about dogs since we began developing breeds thousands of years ago and having them live in our homes.)

7. I just couldn’t look my dog in the eye if I had him castrated. (Dogs are not human and don’t care if they are castrated. Don’t make the mistake of applying human emotions to your pet.)

8. A female cat or dog should have one litter for health reasons. (Actually spaying or neutering early will prevent certain forms of cancer.)

9. Neutering my dog will make him fat and lazy. (Too much food and not enough exercise will make him fat and lazy.)

10. Fixing my pet will change his/her personality. (Your pet will be more content to stay home and be a part of your family and neutered males are less aggressive.)

Five rules for visiting a home with animals (when you don't have any)

My dog says he found this great list of rules on the Rescuing Animals in Need website. For the whole post, entitled Dear Dogs and Cats, click HERE. But here's the part that I like best:

Rules for Non-Pet Owners Who Visit and Like to Complain About Our Pets:

1. They live here. You don't.

2. If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture.

3. I like my pet a lot better than I like most people.

4. To you, it's an animal. To me, he/she is an adopted son/daughter who is short, hairy, walks on all fours and doesn't speak clearly.

5. Dogs and cats are better than kids. They eat less, don't ask for money all the time, are easier to train, usually come when called, never drive your car, don't hang out with drug-using friends, don't smoke or drink, don't worry about buying the latest fashions, don't wear your clothes, don't need a gazillion dollars for college, and if they get pregnant, you can sell the results.

* BLOGGER'S NOTE: I really don't like that very last line about pregnancy and selling! Always spay and neuter your animals; there are not enough homes for the animals who are already alive! And animals should never be "sold"; they are not property (you buy a couch, but you adopt an animal).

Is your cat trying to kill you?

My dog says if you've ever loved (or known) a cat, you simply must take a look at How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You. It's a fun, visually appealing list of the 9 things cats doand what they really mean!

To see what your cat is thinking, and determine if he/she is plotting to take you out, click HERE.

Photo credit: Drawn by Matthew Inman

Japanese whalers ram boat of activists

My dog says the people of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) who fight to save whales are such amazing heroes. To follow the latest battle on the sea, read this article about a Japanese whaling ship that went out of its way to ram a SSCS boat which was holding still in the water. (For more details, HERE is a first person account of the events from a crew member of the Ady Gil, as told to the Herald Sun in Australia.)

The video below was captured from the Sea Shepherd's other vessel, The Bob Barker. The Japanese whaling vessel, the Shonan Maru II, is the big ship and the small boat, Ady Gil, belongs to the activists. The arcs of water you see from the ship are high power hoses the whalers are aiming at the activists on the boat.

Japanese whalers tried to say that the activists stopped right in their path, but there is no disputing that the Ady Gil is holding still and the Shonan Maru II goes out of its way to ram the small boat.

* To make a donation to support the Sea Shepherd's heroic efforts to save whales, click HERE.

Love animals? Go vegetarian!

My dog says this graph is absolutely staggering. Make a compassionate change for 2010 and go vegetarian. To get a free veggie starter kit mailed to you, click HERE. Or for the online version, click HERE.

Source: USDA NASS Livestock Slaughter 2008 Summary, retrieved from USDA NASS Livestock Annual Summaries

Do just one thing today to help animals

My dog says this is the most wonderful video he's seen in awhile. It's also a great reminder that all of us can do just one thing each and every day to help animals. No matter how big or small, do something.

This video has a happy ending and nothing gory in it. But, be forewarned, it might make you shed tears of happiness. My mom was crying her eyes out. A very wonderful story.

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