The simple ways to make your dog happy

My dog says this video of what a dog wants is quite touching. A pup's desires are so simple and all a dog really wants from you is your love.

It always hurts my heart when people take their dog to be put down and don't stay with them when they leave this earth. Yes, it's hard for a human to be a part of such a painful goodbye. But, why on earth would you leave your best friend to die alone at the hands of strangers?

Anyway, lots of good reminders in this piece about the simple ways to make your dog happy. Give it a watch and then go give your pup a hug!

Octomom advocates spay/neuter

My dog says this news about Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) is swirling around the internet today and he couldn't be more amused! This poster below is now front and center on Octomom's front yard and advocates spaying and neutering (ironic, eh?). In exchange for displaying the PSA on her lawn, she received $5,000 and a month's supply of veggie burgers and soy hot dogs from PETA.

The story of a throw-away dog

My dog says he got all teary-eyed listening to these incredibly powerful words. This pup started his life as a puppy mill dog only to become a dead dog walking at the shelter. This spoken word piece is performed by Mindy Fortune (aka MyzFortune) and she has the amazing ability to tell such a moving account of what it must be like to be a discarded dog. Give a listen.

The ending line is utterly heartbreaking: "I hope you are blessed with a family who is impressed by what you possess."

Is your KitKat bar killing monkeys?

My dog says he wants to know if your chocolate addiction is killing orangutans? Click out the video below and if you'd like to learn more about how YOU can help, click HERE.

American military helps animals in Afghanistan

My dog says this story featured on Nightline is an interesting piece on how the U.S. military is helping animals in war-torn Afghanistan. (ABC sometimes inserts ads on its videos, therefore a 30 second commercial might play at the top of the story.)

I am the cat and I will go where I please

My dog says he thinks the image below should resonate with all the "cat people" out there. Cats are so strong-willed, aren't they?

*If the animated image below doesn't work on your computer, click HERE for the full effect.

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There's dog hair everywhere!

My dog says he likes this song called "There's dog hair in everything I do". He doesn't think he sheds a lot, but the black hair throughout the house is hard to deny. Personally, he thinks a bit of hair here and there is a small price to pay for the privilege of his cuddly canine company. His mom would have to agree.

The joy of the puppy snack

My dog says he loves this new spot from Pedigree! Dogs are, indeed, magnificent creatures. Even moreso, in slow motion.

Snorting bulldogs bounce on trampoline

My dog says he normally never posts "cute" videos, but he had to make an exception for this one. It's amazing how these bulldogs actually figure out how to jump and bounce on this trampoline. Add the snorting and panting that bulldogs are famous for, and there's quite a soundtrack, too!

Jimmy Stewart remembers his dog Beau

My dog says this video is an oldie but goodie from 1981. During this appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, the world-renowned Jimmy Stewart reads a poem about his dear dog Beau.

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