Four timely reminders for pet parents

My dog says he's passing on some important reminders to all the pet parents out there. The reason for this topic is because our family lost our smallest member this week. Scarlet was a four-pound chihuahua, rescued from the Los Angeles city shelter. On Sunday, she passed away unexpectedly. One minute she was fine, a few hours later she was dead.

So, as a family grieving over the loss of someone special, we pass on these reminders to all those who have a special animal in their lives: 

1) Take lots of pictures of your companion animals. In this day and age of digital cameras, it's easy and cheap, so be sure to snap pictures every week or month. You will never regret having too many photos, but you will always regret not having enough once your loved one has left this Earth.

Scarlet's first week with us in her new home

2) If you don't have some sort of video capturing device, get one--and use it. Scarlet used to prance around with such joy and grace and there is no video of her. This is something that saddens our family. Take lots of video of your furbabies. This will help keep your memories alive.

Scarlet at the Halloween parade

3) Tell your dog/cat/bunny/guinea pig/bird every day how much you love them. Give them kisses, hugs, pets, and show them that you care. Life can change in an instance and any moment could be the last time you are with your furry or feathered companion animal.  Always make sure they know they're loved. 

Scarlet celebrating Christmas in her Santa outfit

4) This is an extension of #3, but a wee bit different. Make time. It's so easy to get keyed up from a hectic day and bring that tension home with you. It's easy to be distracted with all the responsibilities nagging at you. But, be sure to make time each day for quality bonding with your animal family (and give them ample opportunity to enjoy the things they love: walks, sunbathing, etc.). Your pets are great listeners and stress relievers. Don't get so caught up with other things that you take their presence for granted. 

Now, go tell your furchildren how much they mean to you while they're still here. All we have left of Scarlet is memories. She stole our hearts and took them with her when she died.

The dog versus cat top 10

My dog says this is an interesting graph on dogs versus cats. I think the first part of #9 is particularly insightful and the second part of #9 is no surprise if you have a kitty who won't use the litter box.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Cats vs Dogs

A Yorkie who knows all about New York

My dog says he thinks this pup has a sweet job! Check out Schmitty the Weather Dog and his sidekick, Meteorologist Ron Trotta. Rain, wind, and humidity have never been so enjoyable!

* To follow Schmitty on Twitter, click HERE and to check out Schmitty's blog on GottaVisitNYC, click HERE. Oh, woof, and Schmitty's on YouTube, too! Click HERE to subscribe to his videos.

Jane Lynch from Glee speaks out for animals

My dog says he loves the TV show Glee and he howls so he can be a Gleek, too!. Now, the actress who plays the most infamous character on the show (Sue Sylvester) is speaking out in favor of dogs and cats. Jane Lynch loves her dog and talks about the impact her companion animals have had on her life. She also has something to say about spaying and neutering. Check it out:

Donate your hair or your pet's fur to help clean oil spills

My dog says your hair and your pet's fur can help clean up oil spills (such as the current tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico)! Check out the video below to see how hair clippings can be recycled for a great cause!

Hair salons and animal grooming shops are encouraged to participate in hair drives and individuals can send in hair remnants as well. Click HERE to find out all the details!

This puppy dog can really enunciate!

My dog says he's seen quite a few videos with dogs saying "hello", but this is by far the best! This husky is one canine with some superior enunciation! Go Mishka!

Pit Bull Blues

My dog says this song about being a pit bull is wonderful. My sister, Faith, is a pittie and I have to say she's experienced a lot of this kind of discrimination first hand.

Have a pit bull in your life who you love? Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe is bound to strike a chord. Give a listen.

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