Baby monkey pals around with baby piglet

My dog says he can't get this song out of his head! Although he generally hates to see monkeys in captivity, it seems as though this one is having a good time with his piggy friend. Another great example of how animals can live in harmony with one another. Something us humans should really learn to do.

Check out "Baby Monkey"! We guarantee the tune will stick in your head all day!

Glee star speaks out to help animals

My dog says today is Tuesday and for many people that means another episode of Glee! For you Gleeks, and for those with a compassionate heart, check out actress Lea Michele's new PSA (it's Rachel-approved!).

Unlike Dancing with the Stars' "celebrity" Bristol Palin, who will wear fur in an upcoming video, Lea is using her voice to help and respect animals. Go Lea!

Seagull poaches kibble as kitty looks on

My dog says he loves a fun animal video. Check out this bold seagull and the world's most passive kitty cat! Bonus points to the bird in the last 15 seconds.

The dangers of buying pet medications online

My dogs says it's important to ensure the health and safety of your pet by only purchasing medication from legitimate pharmacies. Check out the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) video below about securing pet meds online. Your companion animal counts on you, so be sure to know the facts.

30 reasons to go vegetarian

My dog says "Chew On This" is one of the best short videos about becoming a vegetarian. Check out these 30 great reasons on why you should consider a cruelty-free diet.

Love animals? Why not save one today? You can download a free vegetarian starter kit HERE.
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