The holidays are murder on turkeys

My dog says the holidays are no holiday for turkeys! This comic says it all. Something to think about as you start your shopping for Christmas dinner. Everyone--human, furry, and feathered--wants to enjoy living life.

Even turkeys want to give thanks on Thanksgiving

My dog says Thanksgiving is a day for all of us to relish family and be thankful for the wonderful things in our lives. Ever stop to think that a turkey is just as grateful for his or her life as you are for yours? Of course they are!

So why not bring some compassion to your holiday season by serving a cruelty-free meal? Check out the suggestions in the video below and meet Lily the turkey. After all, shouldn't everyone be thankful on Thanksgiving?

Turn your animal photos into works of art

My dog says get ready to have some fun! Have a cute picture of your animal? Well, how about making it all artsy with a click of your mouse? We took some ordinary photos and made the images you see to the right and left. Cool, huh?

To make your own images, totally free of charge, click HERE! Think this is the neatest thing you've ever heard about? Be sure to "like" this post, tweet it, or share it with a friend! We know all you animal lovers will want to do it. Two paws up on this one!

That raccoon isn't wearing a mask for nothing!

My dog says this video is just for pure fun on a Friday. Check out this crafty raccoon as he swipes some home decor! When they say these critters are smart, it's no lie!

It's World Vegan Day

My dog says today, November 1, is World Vegan Day! If you love animals, what better way to show that love than to stop eating them and quit using the products that exploit them. Not ready to go fully vegan? That's alright. Anything you can do to minimize animal cruelty and death is a step in the right direction.

Can you say no to down pillows? Can you stop buying leather? What about having a vegan or veggie meal once a week instead of a meat-based one? The animals will appreciate it and you will be living a more compassionate lifestyle that doesn't rely on the suffering of animals!

To learn more about World Vegan Day, click HERE for useful links and activities in your area.
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