How to properly bottle feed a homeless puppy

My dog says this is a great instructional video on how to bottle feed a puppy! The "instructor" works with Found Animals Foundation, an animal advocacy group that offers low cost spay and neuter programs, pet resources, and animal adoption.

This video is a great how-to if you'd like to become a foster parent to a pup who doesn't have a mom to feed from directly. We're all about spay and neuter at My Dog Says, so remember to say no to breeding! Woof!

Would YOU use the Poo Trap?

My dog says there's no shortage of crazy products out there! Personally, if anyone tried to strap this on me, I'd bite them!

What do you think of the Poo Trap?

How to keep your pet's teeth in tip top condition

My dog says it's Pet Dental Health Month! Woof!

Yep, just like people, dogs and cats need to keep their teeth healthy. Check out this video from the American Veterinary Medical Association which will show you how to clean your pet's teeth at home.

*Warning: Among other things, the video advocates using rawhide as a way to clean your dog's teeth. You should NEVER let your dog chew on rawhide. Not only can it become slimy and get stuck in your dog's throat (it happened to my doggie brother!), most rawhide is made in foreign countries and contains formaldehyde. Rawhide is not something you should ever give to your dog.

Milkbone love to Sara who tweeted the info on Pet Dental Health month!

18 great animal websites

My dog says he wants to share some of his favorite animal-related websites with you! We're big on animal adoption and protection around here, so you'll find some great resources here. Also, there a few useful sites that will help you incorporate your dog into your everyday living and good educational information about living with disabled pets.

Happy web surfing!  

Dog Friendly
Dogs Deserve Better
Blind Dogs
Deaf Dogs
Handicapped Pets
Pets with Disabilities
Dog Tipper
The Animal Rescue Site
Pets of the Homeless
Stop Killing Dogs
Dog Friendly
Pet Harbor
Twitter A Critter
Bring Fido
Pet Finder
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

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