Russell Simmons speaks out against dog fighting in new video

My dog says hip hop mogul Russell Simmons' is a whole lot of wooftastic! He's vegan and he advocates for animals! What more could a dog like me hope for?

Check out Russell's new PSA to bring awareness to dog fighting and bait dogs. It's puppyrific when famous people use their celebrity to help animals. Go Russell!

More than a Feline! Cute Cat Clips!

My dog says kitties can be cute times two! Check out these great cat clips from The Ellen Degeneres show. The title of the motif says it all: More Than A Feline!

Dog goes to gravesite to say goodbye to family member

My dog says people frequently don't realize how smart canines really are! Dogs are devoted to a fault and can love their families just as much as any person can.

Check out this amazing story below about Friday, a loyal pup whose human dad passed away. Kudos to the mom for being sensitive to Friday's grief. Animals can feel an extreme sense of loss when family members die, too.

Click on the article if you need to make it bigger

Lots of Jerky Treat love to Gary Rocchio who sent this to us! Wooooof!

Provocative PSA promotes shelter animals

My dog says if you TRULY love animals, you have got to adopt! For every dog that is purchased at a pet store or through a breeder, a loving and deserving dog waiting at the shelter dies. It's that simple.

Adopt; never shop.

Labrador Retriever Keeps Lost Toddler Alive and Well

My dog says this is a wonderful example of the loyalty of a family pup! This dog followed a wayward toddler out into the woods to keep him safe and warm. Now, tell me that dogs don't RULE! Bow WOW!

Dog Living at Sea for Three Weeks Gets Rescued

My dog says this is some good video of a dog rescue in Japan. This pup was spotted on a massive collection of floating debris out at sea for three weeks, following the country's earthquake and tsunami. You can't see the dog until about :35 into the video, put you get a good look at what he was living on. Amazing that he could have survived for so long.

Despite all the devastation in Japan, this is one story with a happy ending.

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