Cat Goes all Mohammad Ali on Unsuspecting Dog

My dog says this is one fierce cat! And, an incredibly tolerant dog!

We promise this video is worth your time.

Kitty has a Playdate with a Pod of Dolphins

My dog says people should get along even half as well as animals. Check out this amazing video of a cat interacting with some dolphins. Now, these people should be whacked in the head for letting their cat be on the edge of the boat, but this is still some incredible footage nonetheless.

The Amazing Devotion of Birds (great video!)

My dog says birds are amazing! These incredible creatures are such great parents, enduring so much to make sure their eggs hatch. Check out this amazing video and be sure you have your speakers on. Hopefully, it will give you a new respect for the birds you see and hear.

Robins - 4 Eggs, 4 Weeks from Fred Margulies on Vimeo.

Mother's Day is for Dogs, too!

My dog says Mother's Day is coming up and it's important to remember that dogs are moms, too! Sadly, many of those moms are forced to live in puppy mills where they stand in wire cages, receive no human love or contact, and are impregnated again and again--with their babies taken away from them. That's no way to treat a mother!

Check out this new PSA from country singer Colbie Caillat and never buy from a pet store or off the internet. If you don't know where the dog you get has come from, chances are you may be supporting a puppy mill!

* Click HERE to urge Congress to protect dogs in puppy mills. 

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