Can Dogs Ham it Up? Yes!

My dog says this video will lighten your mood for the day! It's hard not to think this is pretty cute. Watch as this dog plays with his friend and goes for the Academy Award for Best Actor!

Credit to Bob Angell who posted this on Google+! Woof! Thanks, Bob!

Comic Strip Writer Advocates for Animal Rights

My dog says if you care about animals (all of them, not just the furry ones who live in your house!), you should check out the comic strip, Bizarro! Written by Dan Piraro, a vegan who advocates for animals through his art, Bizarro helps raise awareness about animal issues that we should all know about.

Check out this great slide show of some of Dan's best comics! And, if you like what you see, vote for Dan in the Vegan 100 list on (note: as Dan moves up or down the list, the "vote" link may not go directly to Dan's profile)!

Could the Death of Bats Mean the End of our Crops?

My dog says it's important to remember that all life has a place in our delicate ecosystem. Even bats.

Apparently, hikers spread around a fungus that's killing bats at an alarming rate. Think that's not a problem? Well, bats eat bugs (100,000 tons a year!) and bugs eat crops. Without bats to keep the insect populations in check, humans don't have food from farms or those farms have to use even more pesticides on our foods. Either option is scary!

The lessons here are easy.
  1. Leave nature alone. It's believed humans spread this disease by going into bat caves. 
  2. All animal life is important and should be respected. 

Now, onto the story from CBS News:

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