Katherine Heigl promotes neutering by hating balls

My dog says celebrities who use their fame to promote animal issues are ACES! Check out this great "Funny or Die" video from animal lover and actress Katherine Heigl (watch until the very end!). And be sure to check out the fun merchandise from I Hate Balls!

If you're viewing this post in a reader or email and the video isn't visible, please click the headline to watch it directly on My Dog Says.

It's Pitbull Awareness Day

My dog says if you've ever loved a pitbull, it breaks your heart a little when folks are scared of him or her. Any animal can be trained to be mean, even a poodle. Pitbulls are a victim of cruel humans who have no conscience. 

Has a pitbull ever stolen your heart? If so, Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe will probably hit close to home!

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