How to Trim Your Cat's Nails

My dog says lots of people get weary about trimming their cat's nails. If you do it wrong, you can cause bleeding. Luckily, this short video tells you all you need to know about trimming your kitty cat's claws.

Your Furry Best Friend

My dog says that every kid should have a furry best friend. Dogs don't judge, ridicule, or tease. They just accept you as you are and are loyal beyond belief. Remember to make your dog a part of everything you do. He (or she!) will love to be a part of your life.

Dog People Vs. Cat People

My dog says the world is divided into two kinds of people: dog people and cat people. If you have dogs or cats in your life, you know the eccentricities of both. They're very different creatures, indeed. 

If you know the wonder of dogs and cats, you'll get a kick out of this funny video. The part where the "cat" knocks down the glass of milk is pretty hysterical.

Animal Adoption is Forever!

My dog says when you adopt a companion animal, it's a lifetime commitment. Just like when you have kids, you keep them when they're sick, when you move, and if times get tough. There is no excuse for giving up a pet. Ever.

Your dog or cat would never betray you. Why would you betray him or her?

This PSA says it all.

Would you Keep a Three-Year-Old Child in a Factory Farm?

My dog says research indicates that a pig is as smart as a three-year-old child. Most pigs bred to be food are kept in factory farms--dark, smelly warehouses where animals are kept in horrific conditions. Meet Lacey, a sow unlucky enough to be a victim of factory farming.

Pitbull Parents Say, "I'm Lovin' Pit"

My dog says McDonald's is no friend to pitbulls! You probably heard about the radio ad which implied that petting a pitbull was unsafe. Pittie parents were outraged that the fast food giant insulted their furry family members and pressured McDonald's to pull the ad (which it did).

Check out all these families who say, "I'm Lovin' Pit" and saying no to Mickey D's!

Dogs Think We're Super Cool

My dog says no matter how much the people in your life may love you, no one greets you at the door more enthusiastically than your dog. To your dog, you're the sun and moon drizzled in gravy. No one loves you like your dog!

To that point, check out this great PSA from the LA Animal Services shelter system. It's so true!

Bob Barker Speaks out Against Whaling

My dog says Bob Barker (of The Price is Right fame) is such a hero to animals! Check out this interview with him from "Newsmakers" (a news program on ABC in Los Angeles) as he discusses whaling and what he's doing to help stop it. The interview also includes some disturbing information about how donations from the tsunami relief funds are being used to subsidize the whaling industry.

Gentle Dog Can Set Example for Us All

My dog says the world might be a better place if we all acted a little more like dogs. Check out this incredibly gentle pooch as he lets a curious kitten bat at his tongue. Who says dogs don't rule?

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