How to Trim Your Cat's Nails

My dog says lots of people get weary about trimming their cat's nails. If you do it wrong, you can cause bleeding. Luckily, this short video tells you all you need to know about trimming your kitty cat's claws.

Your Furry Best Friend

My dog says that every kid should have a furry best friend. Dogs don't judge, ridicule, or tease. They just accept you as you are and are loyal beyond belief. Remember to make your dog a part of everything you do. He (or she!) will love to be a part of your life.

Dog People Vs. Cat People

My dog says the world is divided into two kinds of people: dog people and cat people. If you have dogs or cats in your life, you know the eccentricities of both. They're very different creatures, indeed. 

If you know the wonder of dogs and cats, you'll get a kick out of this funny video. The part where the "cat" knocks down the glass of milk is pretty hysterical.

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