Product Review: Zignature Salmon Recipe Limited Ingredient Canned Dog Food

My dog says today we're trying out the salmon formula of Zignature's canned food line for dogs. Zignature is a brand we discovered about a year ago and we've tried several of their products with much success. Zignature offers a lot of canned food varieties on and we decided to test out the salmon flavor. Was it a hit or miss? Read on for the fishy results.

We've tried several fish-flavored foods in recent years and salmon always seems to be a flavor that goes over well (and it supports healthy skin and soft coat). It's generally flavorful, without being overly fishy. When we opened the can, you could smell the salmon but it wasn't overwhelming. Basically, smelly enough to be enticing! (Plus, the salmon is sourced from the Northwest United States and the food is made in America so that's something we like a lot!)

Since this is a limited-ingredient recipe, you'll find some simple ingredients along with traditional vitamins and minerals. The first five ingredients are salmon, fish broth, salmon meal, peas, and chickpeas. This recipe has powerful antioxidants and low-glycemic carbs. The peas and chickpeas are also healthy sources of fiber. The Zignature salmon recipe is also hypoallergenic and is void of the most common doggie allergens such as corn, soy, wheat, chicken, and dairy.

Alexander is tired of waiting to eat, but we'll get there soon...

We really like the consistency of the salmon recipe, as well. It was soft, but not gloppy. We're not a fan of canned foods that are hard, so consistency is something we pay attention to. So far this looks and smells like good stuff...but is it yummy to the tummy?

Our pups say yes, yes, yes! They like the salmon flavor way more than the chicken formula that they tried in the past. (That's actually a good reminder to try different flavors as it sometimes takes a little trial and error to find what recipes your pup prefers!) In short, the furry reviewers here at My Dog Says Woof give the Zignature Salmon Formula Canned Dog Food from four out of four paws up, up, up!

Disclaimer: As a Chewy influencer, we received this product for free so we could sample it. Our reviews, however, are not bought or paid for and you can count on My Dog Says Woof to give you an honest assessment in all our product reviews.

Product Review: The Honest Kitchen Pour Overs

My dog says today we're going to be reviewing a product from The Honest Kitchen. The brand has a new line of Pour Overs, including pumpkin pour overs, bone broth pour overs, and superfood pour overs. We chose to test out the superfood pour over, so let's get started.

Our kiddo Logan was recently put on a low protein meal plan. We've been struggling a little with his new diet and he hasn't been thrilled with the change. So, when we saw The Honest Kitchen Pour Overs on Chewy we thought it was worth trying as a way to entice him to eat his new food. Ultimately, we chose to go with The Honest Kitchen Superfood Pour Over in Turkey Stew flavor as it had the lowest percentage of protein (4.0 %).

The Superfoods Turkey Stew variety is a limited ingredient food, and we always love when we see that. It has turkey bone broth, turkey, spinach, kale, broccoli, tapioca, potato, and turmeric. That's it. We know what all those ingredients are...and we can pronounce them! Plus, they are all GMO-free. 

And what you see is what you get, so that means no rendered meals, by-products, grains, or artificial colors or flavors. This pour over is also made in a human food facility, so that makes it even safer than a traditional pet food facility.  (The picture below shows the superfood poured over Logan's prescription kibble.)

On another note, the packaging is designed so you can use a little of the sauce, fold down the flaps, and then refrigerate the rest of it for the next meal. You can store the unused portion for up to three days after opening. If you have smaller dogs, that's really handy since you're more likely to have leftovers.

It's a little challenging to find the perforated line to open the first box so look real closely for it (it's right below the arrows) and then bend the top over to help tear the box open. After you figure out the first box, you'll know what to do on all future boxes. Another plus is this box is BPA-free (just don't microwave it). 

So, now onto the taste! Is it a winner? Logan says...yes! He enjoyed it so much that we gave it to the other dogs to try, and they loved it, too! It's become a staple for us after just one use. It's perfect to pour over kibble as a way to make an ordinary meal into something extraordinary! Remember that the Pour Overs are for supplemental feeding, so be sure to use them in conjunction with a well-balance meal to ensure your dog gets all the other nutrients they need. 

There are many other flavors and varieties, but the Superfoods recipe is perfect for Logan and now he gobbles up his prescription food without hesitation. We give The Honest Kitchen Superfood Pour Overs Turkey Stew flavor an enthusiastic four out of four paws way up! 

Disclaimer: As a Chewy influencer, we received this product for free so we could sample it. Our reviews, however, are not bought or paid for and you can count on My Dog Says Woof to give you an honest assessment in all our product reviews.  
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