Meet your bloggers

I'm your primary blogger, Puddy! I was living on the streets when this nice lady found me and brought me home with her. She lured me into the car with soy hot dogs and she's been feeding me yummy treats ever since.

Statistics say black dogs are frequently overlooked at pounds (and are euthanized more than any other dog), so my mom made me the ambassador for black dogs everywhere. This is my blog. I speak the truth and advocate for animals as much as I can! 

I'm Puddy's sister, Faith, and I blog for Puddy on days that he's busy playing with his stuffed teddy bear. I'm a pit-lab mix and have beautiful red hair (or so my mom tells me all the time). I suffer from breed discrimination from time to time, which hurts my feelings. I'm just a girl who loves her walks and I "claim" my treats by rolling all over them before I eat them. People are sometimes afraid of me because of my size, but I have a pink collar with cupcakes on it. How scary can I be?

* To learn how I joined the pack, read my story HERE.

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