It's Veggie Hot Dog Month

My dog says that July is Veggie Hot Dog Month! If you love animals, that means even the ones who taste good, why not join in on the fun and embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle? Or, at a minimum, try a veggie hot dog and see what you think.

To find out if there's a Veggie Hot Dog Month event in your community, click HERE. Not one in your neck of the woods? Well, why not plan an event of your own to turn people onto a compassionate diet? Click HERE for a registration form.

The average vegetarian saves the lives of 95 animals each and every year. What an amazing way to show your love of animals, eh?

Give your kitty a safe and secure outdoor playground

My dog says there are all sorts of dangers that can hurt or kill an outdoor cat. Cars, dogs, mean kids, coyotes or other predators, and the list goes on. Statistics show that kitties who are left outside live an average of five years, whereas indoor cats live 12 to 20 years. Cats also have a detrimental impact on wildlife as they frequently kill birds and have been known to attack other small creatures.

If you think your cat might enjoy some fresh air, though, why not try an enclosure or a kitty stroller?  There are lots of great products on the market, but I was particularly impressed with the variety at Kittywalk Systems (check out the Town and Country outdoor playground below!). Freestanding enclosures can be used anywhere and easily installed systems can enclose any patio.

With an enclosed play area, your kitty can enjoy all that the outside world has to offer, but stay nice and safe! Meow!

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