Elephant Romps in Ocean

My dog says the next time you visit the zoo and think the elephants there are happy, remember this video. We were all born to be free; not confined. Look at this elephant romp through the waves. This is what happiness looks like.

Cat Puts on His Own Hat

My dog says kitties are downright silly sometimes. Check out this cat. How in the world does he do that?

What if The Oscars Were The Pawscars?

My dog says it's Oscars weekend, but films with people bore him. What if all the nominated films had dog stars instead? Now, that would be worth watching!

Check out this fun parody of the movies nominated for best film. Our favorite spoof is the one for Dark Zero Thirty. What's yours?

Pit Bull Saves Family & Dog Siblings

My dog says he loves a story with a happy ending. Especially one where the hero is a dog!

Whoever thinks that dogs don't have the capacity to think are just plain wrong. Not only do dogs act in the best interests of their families, their fierce loyalty is unparalleled. Just ask Baby.

Baby not only save her human family when fire consumed their home as they slept, but Baby went back into the house to save the other five dogs--even dragging one out from under the bed.

Check out Baby's story below:
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