Product Review: Evo 95 Cat Food

My dog says KitCat is back at it! He's been tasting food far and wide to give you his take. Today, we'll be giving you the scoop on one of the many products from Evo.

Billed as an "ancestral diet" that is similar to what cats eat in wild, Evo is rich in protein, but void of grains and potatoes, It's formulated to maintain lean muscle mass and a healthy body weight. There's many varieties, but we tried the Evo 95 Grain-Free Chicken and Turkey Recipe in Gravy.

Product Review: Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food

My dog says today we're going to share our experience with Ziwi Peak food for cats. KitCat was happy to step up as our taste tester, so let's get this party started.

Ziwi Peak Beef Recipe canned food for cats is a brand from New Zealand and boasts a high quality line of foods. The meat in their foods is from local, range-free farms in New Zealand and each recipe is made in small batches.

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