Rescue Ink Unleashed premieres tonight

My dog says that you MUST watch Rescue Ink Unleashed tonight on the National Geographic channel. If you don't know about the amazing guys of Rescue Ink, click HERE. They are tattooed, biker dudes who love animals and aren't afraid to use their muscles to fight for them.

They also just put out a brand new book this month, Rescue Ink: How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck, and a Few Turtles. Click HERE to check it out on Amazon and get it at a sweet discount. And, if you're in the New York area, the guys have some book signings coming up, too.

I love these men. Tough exteriors with hearts of gold. Totally my heroes. Go Rescue Ink!


  1. They're my heroes too. We need a crew like this everywhere someone is hurting an animal.

  2. My dog says...


    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. I agree, a Rescue Ink squad in every town would make the world a better place.

    I need to meet one of these guys and set him up with my mom. I'd love to have a Rescue Ink dad!

    - Puddy


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