Please sign the anti foie gras petition

My dog says he hopes you'll sign the petition to encourage Amazon to stop selling foie gras on its website. The manner by which this "delicacy" is produced is cruel and inhumane and involves the force-feeding of birds with pipes and tubes. The procedure is considered so barbaric, that production has been banned in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Israel.

To learn more about the suffering that ducks and geese endure to "make" foie gras, click HERE. To sign the petition to Amazon, please click HERE.


  1. I will certainly and gladly sign, it is absolutely disgusting to make those poor creatures suffer for some so and so's to feed their fat faces. I can't believe how anyone could encourage the production of, or sell, this evil muck let alone eat it. Thanks for the link, I'm, not reading about it again, I can't bear it but I'm going to the petition link now.

  2. My dog says...


    Thank you for signing the petition and for caring about about ALL animals. You're the BEST.

    - Puddy

  3. No Puddy, YOU are the best! :-)


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