Yes, declawing is mutilation

My dog says he loves this comic by the very talented Dan Piraro. Follow Dan's blog by clicking HERE. His comics tackle many issues, but Dan is always using his talent to enlighten people about animal issues. Yay Dan!

P.S. See some of Dan's other great animal comics by clicking HERE (scroll down to see everything). They're available for purchase on notecards, posters, and more.


  1. Puddy you are a really good dog to draw attention to the horror of declawing, I'm sure your catly colleagues will be most grateful for all your help, and for publicity you can get this through your wondrous blog.

    Might I add the link to out petition to ban the declawing of cats in the USA
    Thank you, greetings to your mom and to your sister Faith and cuddles from me and head butts from my cats

  2. My Dog Says....


    Thank you so much for the comment! And for all the nice words (I love cuddles and head butts)!

    I will have my mom sign the petition right now. My paws are too big for the keyboard.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. The world needs more caring people like you! ^..^

    - Puddy


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