Secure your backyard to prevent escapes

My dog says he's quite heartbroken to hear that a dog was killed by accident at a city animal shelter when he escaped from his yard (click HERE to read the article). Spaz was an outgoing Pit mix with a personality to match his name.

To ensure your dog's safety, make sure he/she is never left outside unattended. To be extra careful, conduct periodic checks to ensure that your fence is secure. Look for weak boards, gaps, and areas that can be dug under. Don't store items next to the fence that your dog can use to get a boost over the fence. And, make sure the fence is high enough so passersby can't reach over to steal a small dog.

Accidents happen. This terrible tragedy with Spaz is evidence of that. Make sure your dog doesn't pay the ultimate price for something that would have been easy to fix. Your animals deserve your best.

RIP Spaz.

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