Free download: Shepard Fairey Obama-style animal adoption artwork

My dog says you may know Shepard Fairey as the artist who made the famous Obama posters. However, there is now a doggy version of the artwork that you have to check out.

Designed to bring attention to animal adoption, most of the artwork is available for free download (there are also some specialty items for sale). There are two beautiful designs, one in red and blue and the other in yellow and black (both feature different verbiage on the dog tags). And, you can get the artwork on posters, stickers, banners for your website/blog, wallpaper for your cellphone or computer, t-shirts, coloring pages for kids, and more. There are even links to share the images on all the social networking sites! Finally, for the art collectors, there are a limited amount of numbered prints available which are signed by Fairey himself.

To learn more, click HERE. Or to go directly to the download/order page, click HERE. And always remember: Adopt, don't shop!


  1. These are great! Adopting is the only way to go for me. Unfortunately, I lost one of my best friends late last year and am not ready to adopt another just yet. But my daughter just adopted the cutest little corgi/mix.

  2. My dog says...

    Hi Marianne,

    So glad you know how important adoption is! I was a stray and was so glad when my mom took me in. There are so many wonderful animals out there in need of good homes. When your heart is ready, you'll know the time is right to bring another furchild into your life.

    Thanks for being one of the good guys!

    Lotsa Milkbone love to you,


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