New Droid app lets you talk with the animals

My dog says there's an app for that! No reason animals should be left out of the smart phone revolution, right?

Well, to bring the world's creatures into the 21st century, Google has developed a new app for the Android: Translate for Animals. Ever wonder what that grunt, bark, meow, snort, or whinny means? Now you can find out what the animals are really thinking!


  1. haha now that I have an Android phone I may need to find that...

  2. My dog says...

    Kari: I'm sure Mesa, Baily, and Big Carl will talk your ears off!

    I'm waiting for the stuffed toy Android to add to my chest of play things. Woof!


  3. Have you seen the Twitter dog app? What next?!? :)

  4. My Dog Says:

    Hey, Life With Dogs! Are you referring to Puppy Tweets? I blogged about that awhile ago (

    I'm a dog on the cutting edge of technology, don't 'cha know?

    Bow wow and all that ^..^



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