Donate your hair or your pet's fur to help clean oil spills

My dog says your hair and your pet's fur can help clean up oil spills (such as the current tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico)! Check out the video below to see how hair clippings can be recycled for a great cause!

Hair salons and animal grooming shops are encouraged to participate in hair drives and individuals can send in hair remnants as well. Click HERE to find out all the details!


  1. What a FANTASTIC SOLUTION~!!! I had no idea this existed! The stats are quite alarming - had no idea oil spills are as rampant as they are - or as powerful - one quart of oil ruins 1 million gallons of drinking water?!! What are we doing?!
    Thank you for the fantastic post, Amber's dog!
    Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

  2. My dog says...

    Anita, thanks for leaving a comment! Faith and I were so excited to see it!

    I hope lots of hair salons and groomers do this. It's such a great way to help!


  3. Baily sheds a bucket full a day. Can we just pack up what we sweep up daily (its the size of Big Carl)

  4. My Dog Says...

    Kari, my sister Faith (a pittie like your Baily) sheds a ton, too! Between her and my mom, there's red hair everywhere! Oh, and just be sure you don't sweep up Big Carl and ship him off with all that fur!


  5. Hello! We absolutely love your blog Kari!

    My name is Sarah Kramm, and I am with Center Pet Pharmacy-which is a family run pet pharmacy that is located in North West, Washington DC. We have always been advocates of helping the community, and now in this case we want to start helping nationally, around our great country. I am emailing you today about an effort we are putting on called FUR for FRIENDS, and encouraging all pet lovers and groomers to join in on!

    Since pet fur is helping vastly with the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, we are collecting fur to send to the Matter of Trust charity to create booms full of fur to soak up the oil. We would greatly appreciate if you tell your customers about our campaign, and when they are grooming or shaving their pets for the summer if you could let them know that they are helping the wildlife in the Gulf Coast, while making their pets look great! And then all they have to do is sweep up the fur, put it into a bag and tie it tight and send it to us at:

    Center Pet Pharmacy
    Care of FUR for FRIENDS
    4900 Massachusetts Ave., NW
    Washington, DC. 20016

    We really appreciate anything we can get. Thank you so much for you time, and hopefully your effort in saving the wildlife in the Gulf Coast!

    Best Wishes,
    Sarah Caroline Kramm
    Director of Social Media at Center Pet Pharmacy

  6. My dog says...

    Sara! Thanks for visiting and especially for all the great work that Center Pet Pharmacy is doing with the fur drive. That's fantastic and we're so excited that CPP has taken it upon themselves to really make a difference! On behalf of all those poor critters in the ocean, thank you! (Oh, and my mom's name is Amber, not Kari. Kari was commenting and has a wonderful blog of her own.)

    - Puddy

  7. Ohhh my bad!!!! Thank you so much for the kind words Puddy! I am very sorry for the mix up with names! lol

  8. My dog says...

    No worries, Sarah. I frequently get confused with names, too. Jerky Treats, Snausages, Yogurt Drops, Pupperoni. Sometimes I forget which one I want and just bark for any ole' treat. Luckily, my mom knows my favorites and usually understands what I'm saying.

    Extra head scratches and Milk Bone love to you and the good people at Center Pet! Keep up the great work!

    -Puddy ^..^


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