A Yorkie who knows all about New York

My dog says he thinks this pup has a sweet job! Check out Schmitty the Weather Dog and his sidekick, Meteorologist Ron Trotta. Rain, wind, and humidity have never been so enjoyable!

* To follow Schmitty on Twitter, click HERE and to check out Schmitty's blog on GottaVisitNYC, click HERE. Oh, woof, and Schmitty's on YouTube, too! Click HERE to subscribe to his videos.


  1. Arf-Arf Puddy & Faith Love your blog. And I'm blushing thru my fur that you posted my weather report. What nice pups! Here's to chasing pigeons!

    Schmitty The Weather Dog

  2. My dog says...

    Schmitty! Thanks so much for stopping by! You're our first celebrity comment!

    Thanks for making the weather fun for us. Keep up the wooftastic work!



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