Has your pet become inconvenient? Kick 'em to the curb!

My dog says that a companion animal is a lifetime commitment. Think before you adopt and be sure that you can provide a lifelong home for a pet. That could mean anywhere up to an average of 16 years. All companion animals depend on their human families for basic necessities and a healthy dose of love. Adoption is forever.

Unfortunately, too many people make up excuses to give away their animals. Yes, life happens and things change, but your pet is part of your family. And, there is NO excuse that's good enough to intentionally put your family at risk.

Ever heard of any these excuses in the video below? Would you talk about your human family this way?


  1. My dog says...

    Priscilla: Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for sayin' something so nice! You are wooftastic. Here's hoping lots of bellyrubs and ear scratches are in your future ;->



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