Shelter worker murders animal and eats her!

My dog says he was horrified to learn of the animal control officer who took home a pig who had been housed at the shelter, killed her, and ATE her! Apparently, the head of the shelter resigned once the incident came to light, but the employee is still working there.

Although many shelters do euthanize animals due to a lack of shelter space, these facilities are supposed to be a safe haven for animals in the meantime! It is never appropriate for someone who is tasked with caring for animals to murder an animal and then consume her! To have someone with that kind of callousness working with animals is a disgrace!

As for the people who turned in Fluffy to the shelter who are saying it's ridiculous to get worked up over a "stupid pig", shame on them, as well! It seems no one did right by this poor pig. Not her family and not the shelter.

To read the full story, the best account out there is from Huffington Post. Click HERE to read it. And Fluffy was not an "it" as it repeated says in the article. Fluffy was a she. Things are its; living, breathing creatures are hes or shes

Shame on everyone involved. Shame.


  1. Completely agree~!! That is horrifying~!! AND disgusting~!! It smacks of higher abuse form. It's like when a priest is a child molester or someone who is in a position of authority takes advantage. Bad PLUS~!!

    Anita @ModelSupplies

  2. That's just horrifying. Animals who enter the shelter system, regardless of species, should be given a chance at permanent placement. If we won't butcher and eat dogs and cats, don't do it to any pig, cow, goat, sheep or chicken who comes through the shelter doors.

    Of course, it points to the obvious inconsistency that we people eat pigs on a regular basis...I don't, of course, but still I'd like to hold animal shelters to a much higher standard.


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