Baby monkey pals around with baby piglet

My dog says he can't get this song out of his head! Although he generally hates to see monkeys in captivity, it seems as though this one is having a good time with his piggy friend. Another great example of how animals can live in harmony with one another. Something us humans should really learn to do.

Check out "Baby Monkey"! We guarantee the tune will stick in your head all day!


  1. My dog says...

    That song is pretty catchy, huh? Thanks for commenting. And good luck placing your Yorkies! ^..^


  2. awwww.... how cute! the pig doesn't seem to mind giving the "backwards" ride. And you're right - the song is STUCK. baby monkey, baby monkey....

  3. My dog says...

    Everyone in the house is more stuck on the song than the video. That gosh darn "baby monkey, baby monkey" is like water that's stuck in your ear that you just can't get out! "Baby monkey, baby monkey"! It's just so darn catchy!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, Patricia. Head butts and tuna kisses to your kitty, Coal. ^..^



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