Justin Bieber speaks out in support of animal adoption

My dog says he's not a fan of teen music sensations. However, Justin Bieber just set himself apart from the rest of the pack by using his celebrity to advocate for animals. As part of a campaign to highlight animal adoption, instead of buying at pet stores, Justin shares his love of dogs and his compassion for our four-footed friends.

Check out his behind the scenes video interview at the PETA2 photo shoot.

Learn more about Justin Bieber at peta2.com.

Mixed martial arts pro talks about being a lifelong vegetarian

My dog says you should check out mixed martial arts fighter Jake Shields! He's been vegetarian his entire life and is expected to win the UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship this year. Think you need to eat dead animals to be strong? Heck no!

Every animal deserves a kind touch from a human

My dog says he really likes this photo. No commentary on this one; the quote and cute piggy say it all.

Deer heads out to sea, but firefighters come to the rescue!

My dog says this is one lucky deer. She began floating out to sea on a piece of ice. Luckily, firefighters in Poland managed to save her. Check out the footage below. Happy ending included!

New rap song tries to stop dog fighting

My dog says he hopes this song reaches the right audience to help stop dog fighting. Lots of rappers preach violence, but K-Lethal Feat and Lady Bishop are using music to educate and advocate. Check out their music video and spread it around! The dogs need every one of us to help. Stop dog fighting!

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