New leash attachment provides greater safety during dog walks

My dog says he's discovered an effective way to make those darn retractable leashes safer for dogs. Thanks to Capability: Mom and the kind folks at Freehand Safety Strap, we were able to try out an attachment which provides a more secure connection between the hand and hard casing of the leash (you can see a demonstration in the video below).

Well, after testing it out, we were quite pleased with the strap. It provides peace of mind for the human and a safer walk for the dog. Win-win.

Let us know if you try it out. We give it two paws up!

Disclaimer: We won a free attachment and we wrote this review in hopes that people who use retractable leashes will be more aware of the safety issues that accompany them. No compensation has exchanged hands and this is not a paid advertisement.


  1. OMG Amber...I could write volumes about how much I HATE HATE HATE those retractable more people had one of these things...well...maybe...just MAYBE I might not hate them so much....although really...I hate the lengths as much as I hate the fact that it can be pulled right out of a person's hand...

    Hmmmm......I guess this is okay : ) Not something I am willing to try out (since I'll never own a retractable - unless I have to in my sure hope I see more of them used by other people.

  2. My dog says...

    The first time we used a retractable leash, my mom hated it. It felt so insecure. Once it fell out of her hands and she freaked out. Then I freaked out because that hard casing thing was chasing me. Baaaad.

    This attachment does make the whole experience much more secure, though. So, if people do choose to use a retractable leash, I'm with you. I hope they use this attachment so their pups stay safer.

    Thanks for stopping by, Rachel. My mom says you rule and you sure do! Woof!


  3. I use this leash attachment every day - I am so much more relaxed walking with it knowing that I won't drop the handle of the retractable leash if my dog pulls (which she does sometimes). Glad you won it on my site and that you are happy using it.

  4. My dog says...

    My mom loves me and always wants to keep me safe! Anything to help her do that is aces in our book. Thanks so much for sending us the attachment, Nancy!



  5. I use the Freehand Safety Strap too for my golden retriever. I like it especially for strapping the leash around a pole or bench leg while I run into the school to drop my kids off! It's so much easier than unhooking the leash, running it through the handle, and rehooking!

  6. My dog says...

    Oh, yes! Unhooking the leash can be dangerous! That is a wonderful feature of this accessory, indeed!



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