Dog goes to gravesite to say goodbye to family member

My dog says people frequently don't realize how smart canines really are! Dogs are devoted to a fault and can love their families just as much as any person can.

Check out this amazing story below about Friday, a loyal pup whose human dad passed away. Kudos to the mom for being sensitive to Friday's grief. Animals can feel an extreme sense of loss when family members die, too.

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Lots of Jerky Treat love to Gary Rocchio who sent this to us! Wooooof!


  1. OMG I can hardly type through the tears : (

    While not quite the same type of got me to thinking about Morby (my K-9 soulemate in my pic) and Sandy (a Husky that became ours for all-too-short-a-time.

    Sandy's owner was going to have her put down if he couldn't find a home for her. Despite her size (long story - and twice that of Morby's) we took her home. We didn't introduce them the right way but for all intents and purposes they got along...rather Sandy got along with Morby and Morby tolerated Sandy's presence.

    Sandy became really sick to the point, of no return, but in an attempt to aid her back to health, I had setup a softsided crate with a heated blanket in hopes that I could bring her back. Morby who never showed so much as any type of concern whatsoever for Sandy, crawled into the crate with her and lay down next to husband and I couldn't believe it....I knew then, that it was Sandy's time...she had actually stopped eating and we put her down the next day : (

    That little gesture meant so much to me because I felt so guilty about having to put Sandy down...and in some way, not only do I think that Morby was comforting Sandy but I think she was also telling me it was okay....

  2. My dog says...

    What a great story, Rachel! Thanks so much for sharing it.

    It is soooo hard to make that decision on when it's time to relieve an animal's suffering. My mom only adopt seniors, so she's faced with that dilemma more frequently than others. I was 10 when she got me, but I was a stray so the senior thing was just "lucky" on her part.

    That's good that Morby got to say goodbye to Sandy, too. During a time of grief, we dogs can sometimes be a better support system than humans. Woof!



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