Dumping and Abandoning a Dog is Demented

My dog says a companion animal is a lifetime commitment. If you can't be responsible enough to care for a pet for its lifetime, do whatever it takes to find him or her another home. Abandoning a pet is NEVER an option.

The Animal Protection League of Amsterdam offers this great reminder:


  1. OMG....how incredibly poignant was this reminder?....Holy crap...I can't stop weeping.....it is so difficult to understand how people can do that to their pets....every time I look at The Blues Bros. - both pavement pups - I can't imagine how anyone could have put either of them out.

  2. My dog says...

    Makes you sick, doesn't it? Hard to believe people really do this, but unfortunately they do. What a pathetic species the human race can be.

    I'm glad the Blues Brothers have such a great family now. They lucked out with a super cool mom! :-)

    - Puddy


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