Pitbull Heroes Overcome Stereotypes

My dog says disliking a dog merely because of his or her genes is breedism! Unfortunately, breed discrimination is rampant and pitbulls are the most common victims.

Just like people, dogs are shaped by their experiences. You can have an aggressive poodle or a passive Rottweiler. It's not all about breed.

Check out these great stories of pit bull heroes. And, remember, don't judge a dog by its breed any more than you'd judge a person by his or her skin color. Discrimination stinks!


  1. Have you read The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant?  Incredible book about the pit bulls rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting operation.  So many have gone on to happy homes, and several are even therapy dogs.  

    And yes, I agree with you that is the dog, not the breed.  There are even aggressive small dogs.  Many times it's how they've been treated by previous owners...all too sadly.  

  2. My dog says...

    We haven't read that book, but we've read a ton about those dogs. What they went through and where they are today. Makes me SICK that Nike resigned that scumbag! He is a mass murderer, pure and simple.

    You might be interested in this page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NO-WAY-Subway/173935239336924 .

    Thanks for the comment, Kristen! Pupperoni kisses to Woody!


  3. This is too "funny".  I was just having this conversation yesterday with a  new dog pal.  I was walking the pack and was confronted by an extremely aggressive 6lb pup (through a fence) which was funny enough....but what was even funnier is that The Blues Bros. were trying to engage and Suede (the 75lb PitX) of course was trying to just get as far away as possible...Likewise, the day before, we were jumped by another EXTREMELY aggressive dog (about 35lbs),of course OFF LEASH...again...The Blues Bros. were not backing down and were totally engaging...Suede - who could easily take this dog down with one swipe of her paw - just simply tried to get away from the chaos...LOL...She is such a Peacenik!

  4. My dog says...

    My sister Faith the pitbull sounds like Suede. People avoid her like the plague, but she's a loving, affectionate girl. Now, it's the chihuahua you shouldn't mess with!

    Milk Bone love to the Blues Brothers and Suede! Thanks for commenting! Faith and I will be wagging our tails all day long now! ^..^



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