Dog needs legal help to stay with his family

Photo credit: Hollye Dexter
My dog says he hopes you'll support Stitch's family and their legal effort to keep him. Stitch, a French Bulldog, came from a neglectful home, yet was lucky enough to eventually find the love of a committed and loving family. Unfortunately, Stitch's new family has been fighting a legal battle to keep him. Read Stitch's story HERE (be sure to sign the petition!) and know that, sadly, animals are nothing more than property when it comes to the court system.

If you can, buy something from the Save Stitch web store where all proceeds go to Stitch's legal fund. You can also contribute directly by clicking HERE. Lastly, if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, why not attend the Save Stitch concert on August 14th? Tickets are just $15 and go to a great cause! Oh, you can also "like" Stitch on Facebook so you can stay up to date on his court case.

If you love your companion animals, think how heartbroken you would be if someone tried to take away your furry family! Now, let's help Stitch keep the home he so rightly deserves!

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