Dying Dog Helps Dying Seniors

My dog says this video is a real tear jerker. Baxter is a therapy dog who is at the end of his life. He visits with people who are terminally ill and at the end of their lives, too. If you share your life with an animal, you'll understand and appreciate this amazing connection between humans and canines.

Get the tissues and enjoy this incredible story.


  1.  Baxter looks so much like Mug~! Mug will be 16 yrs on Sept. 11th. I'm shocked to hear 19 1/2 yrs as an age~! That is truly astounding and the video did jerk a few tears from me~! This is just WONDERFUL~!!

  2. My dog says...

    Hey Anita! Long time, no see!

    Give Mug our happiest birthday wishes for a wonderful new year! And if Mug wants to guest blog for his birthday, just let us know! He has an open invitation ;-)

    - Puddy


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