Dogs Think We're Super Cool

My dog says no matter how much the people in your life may love you, no one greets you at the door more enthusiastically than your dog. To your dog, you're the sun and moon drizzled in gravy. No one loves you like your dog!

To that point, check out this great PSA from the LA Animal Services shelter system. It's so true!


  1. I'd love to hear whether my dog thinks I'm cool or not. Adopting a pet is a big responsibility, and I'm ready for it. Hehe! I think my dog's way cooler than me though. Haha!

  2.  My dog says...

    No doubt that your dog thinks your cool! That why we dogs are so great! As for you thinking your dog's cooler than you? Well, that's why he thinks YOU'RE cool! See how that works? ;-)

    - Puddy


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