Product Review: Wellness Core Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

My dog says we're excited to bring you a new product review today as the pups here sample Wellness Core Grain-Free Turkey Lover's Variety Pack canned dog food. Here's the human mama to give you the details.

Human mama here...

The Wellness Core Grain-Free Turkey Lover's Variety Pack comes from Chewy in an 18-can case, which includes nine cans of Turkey, Chicken Liver, and Turkey Liver formula and nine cans of Turkey, Pork Liver and Duck formula, all in the 12.5 ounce size. I have never tried a canned food with duck before so I wasn't sure how that would go over, but the dogs scarfed up both flavors like I devour See's chocolate (so, yeah, they licked their bowls clean!).  

Going forward, we've opted to use the turkey/chicken flavor for breakfast and the turkey/pork/duck as a topper for the dogs' evening kibble.

We tried the food on its own first.
Later we mixed the Wellness Core with kibble.


We love using grain-free foods and the ingredient list on this product was very good. Not only is it grain-free, it's also gluten-free. 

The first three ingredients (which we always pay close attention to) are meat in the turkey and chicken variety and the first two ingredients are meat in the duck formula (with the third ingredient being turkey broth and then duck as the fourth ingredient). There are also a nice variety of vegetables in each flavor, including broccoli, kale, spinach, apples, blueberries, parsley, sweet potato, and carrots.

There are no meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in either formula. Furthermore, the Wellness Core food earns five stars from Dog Food Advisor (its highest rating) for its quality. 


We were pleased with the moisture content and softness of this food. It was easy to scoop out of the can and mash up with the dogs' kibble. I liked that there weren't any big chunks in it, as well.

Wellness Core was a nice consistency and texture. Easy to eat on its own or mixed with kibble.


Made in the U.S.A. 


When purchased as a case, the per can cost is $2.69. A competitive price for a high quality, grain-free food.

Alexander licked his dish clean. The Wellness Core was a huge hit!


On a scale of one to four paws, we give the Wellness Core Grain-Free Turkey Lovers Variety Pack four enthusiastic paws up! We will definitely be adding this food to our regular rotation of canned dog foods.

Disclaimer: As a Chewy influencer, we received this food for free so we could sample it. Our reviews, however, are not bought or paid for and you can count on My Dog Says Woof to give you an honest assessment in all our product reviews.  

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