Product Review: Zignature Multi-Protein Kibble for dogs

My dog says we tried out the Zignature brand of kibble recently and the dogs really liked it a lot (we've even added it to our regular rotation of dry foods). But, as with any favorite food, dogs (just like people!) can grow tired of the same flavor, so we wanted to try a different variety. So, this week we tested out the Zignature Zssential recipe.  Let's see what the pups thought!

The Zssential recipe is all about avoiding ingredients that can be problematic for dogs. That means this variety is a meat-first, limited ingredient food that contain no chicken, corn, soy, wheat, or potatoes. Therefore, it's a peak hypoallergenic and low glycemic recipe.

The first three ingredients on the Zssential are turkey, turkey meal, and lamb meal. We haven't ever tried food with lamb before and weren't sure how it would go over, but the pups gobbled it down. It's a good sized kibble, too, ideal for smaller or larger dogs. It's also made in the United States and we always love to see that!

A four pound bag of the Zignature Zssential Multi Protein Formula recipe is $12.99 on Chewy and we give it an enthusiastic four paws up! We're very pleased to have found another Zignature product to add to our rotation. So far, this has proven to be a great product line and we look forward to trying additional recipes and flavors in the future!

Disclaimer: As a Chewy influencer, we received this product for free so we could sample it. Our reviews, however, are not bought or paid for and you can count on My Dog Says Woof to give you an honest assessment in all our product reviews. 

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