Shame on Nike for re-signing Michael Vick

My dog says shame on Nike for re-signing Michael Vick to endorse its products. If Vick had tortured and killed kids, would people be so forgiving? No way! And animals are just as innocent and helpless as children are at the hand of an abuser. SHAME ON NIKE.

Click HERE to send a note to Nike customer service, letting them know how disgusted you are by its decision to work with a man who murdered so many dogs.

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  1. My dog says...

    Today there is news coming out that the Nike deal isn't happening. The link to the story is below.

    Hard to know if the deal was real or not. Why would Vick's agent say it if it wasn't true? Or was the deal a verbal deal and Nike pulled out once it saw the immense backlash from people who were upset?

    The story is here:


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