Animal CPR

My dog says that you should always plan for an emergency before it happens. For example, what if your dog or cat collapses? What if he or she stops breathing? Do you know exactly what you should do?

Check out the video below so you're ready to help your furry friend if he or she ever needs CPR. A few minutes watching these instructions today could save your companion animal's life tomorrow.


  1. Hey Puddy, I took a CPR class at L.A.Times a couple of years ago and that weekend my dog, Daisy, started choking. I performed the heimlich manuever and saved her.

  2. My dog says...


    That is a fantastic story! I'm so glad to hear that you knew what to do during a time of emergency. It can be so scary when things like that happen, but sounds like you know your stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your story and keep up the great work!



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