When pinatas strike back

My dog says he LOVES this comic. Why are pinatas always animals? Can't kids use a bat to beat the heck out of something else?

* The cartoonist, Dan Piraro, is a great animal advocate. To support him and all his animal-friendly comics, be sure to visit his blog, by clicking HERE. He's an awesome talent with a compassionate heart!


  1. Hey Puddy !! You are the cutest !!! I just wanted to say how right you are about Pinatas. I have always hated that they are usually shaped like animals. That cartoon is fantastic. Please give Faith a big kiss from me. xoxo

  2. My dog says...

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, Darren. Dan Piraro has amazing comics that are always pro animal. He's the best. And so are YOU!

    Thanks for everything you do to help animals. The world be a better place if more people cared as much as you.

    I will give Faith a kiss for you, but, hey, where's mine?



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