Japanese whalers ram boat of activists

My dog says the people of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) who fight to save whales are such amazing heroes. To follow the latest battle on the sea, read this article about a Japanese whaling ship that went out of its way to ram a SSCS boat which was holding still in the water. (For more details, HERE is a first person account of the events from a crew member of the Ady Gil, as told to the Herald Sun in Australia.)

The video below was captured from the Sea Shepherd's other vessel, The Bob Barker. The Japanese whaling vessel, the Shonan Maru II, is the big ship and the small boat, Ady Gil, belongs to the activists. The arcs of water you see from the ship are high power hoses the whalers are aiming at the activists on the boat.

Japanese whalers tried to say that the activists stopped right in their path, but there is no disputing that the Ady Gil is holding still and the Shonan Maru II goes out of its way to ram the small boat.

* To make a donation to support the Sea Shepherd's heroic efforts to save whales, click HERE.

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