Subaru goes to the dogs

My dog says that Subaru has created a wonderful new series of commercials with dogs as the stars! The spot below is my favorite, but be sure to check out the others, too (Fire Drill, Drive Thru, Stolen Parking Spot, Parallel Parking, High Maintenance, and Radio).

Nothing like a good dog angle to get me hooked!


  1. You doggies rock! Probably because your mom rocks. Thank you for sharing this great commercial and bringing a big smile to the day. Now I'm going to go drink out of the toilet.

  2. My dog says...

    OMG! Look at you! You successfully left a comment! Yay! Woof! Meow! And all that jazz!

    I agree; toilet water rocks. Unfortunately, I'm much too short to reach that big porcelain bowl. But even if I were taller, my mom keeps that water locked up like Fort Knox and puts "special" water down for us. What the heck? Humans are crazy sometimes.


  3. Our favorite is the parallel parking one...not because we are poor parallel parkers (we're great, btw).

    -mina & celeste

  4. My dog says...

    Mina and Celeste (aka Rinalia):

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, that parallel parking one was cute, huh? I'm sure lots of humans wish they could just give up and jump outta the car, too! My mom has never let me drive, but she takes us for rides. I'm too busy sticking my head out the window to worry about being behind the wheel, so it's A-OK with me! Woof!


  5. My dog says...

    P.S. Rinalia: I checked out both your blogs and love them! I followed both! Look forward to exchanging more thoughts on animal issues. I think we have more than a few things in common. ^..^

    - Puddy (and his mom, Amber)


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