The story of a throw-away dog

My dog says he got all teary-eyed listening to these incredibly powerful words. This pup started his life as a puppy mill dog only to become a dead dog walking at the shelter. This spoken word piece is performed by Mindy Fortune (aka MyzFortune) and she has the amazing ability to tell such a moving account of what it must be like to be a discarded dog. Give a listen.

The ending line is utterly heartbreaking: "I hope you are blessed with a family who is impressed by what you possess."


  1. My dog says...

    Kari, thanks for leaving a comment! Two woofs and a jerky treat for you!

    Yes, wasn't that sad? Even sadder that it is the story of so many dogs who end up homeless. Makes you wanna give your pups a big hug, doesn't it?


  2. OMG That was brilliantly done! MyzFortune has an Eminem type rhythm! Ok, going to walk our adopted now 14 1/2 yr pups now... *sniff sniff*

    Anita @ModelSupplies

  3. My dog says...

    Anita, wasn't that just fantastic? MyzFortune has a great voice for such a compelling story, too, which makes it even more powerful.

    I love great pieces that make you think. Our best to your pups!



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