It's National Microchip Your Pet Day!

My dog says that today is national Register Your Chip Day! Not potato chip, but microchip!

Accidents happen and having a microchip inserted into your companion animal is yet another way to ensure his/her safe return in case something unexpected happens. Here are the stats on the benefits of microchips, courtesy of PetFinder and FurKeeps:
  • 52.2% of microchipped dogs are returned to their owners, versus 21.9% overall (238% better with a microchip!).
  • 38.5% of microchipped cats are returned to their owners, versus 1.8% overall (over 2000% better with a microchip!).
  • Fewer than 2% of all stray dogs and cats in shelters have microchips.
  • Lost pets who had a microchip were reunited with their families in almost three out of four cases.
  • 35% of microchipped pets who were not reconnected with their families remained in shelters because their the owner had not maintained the information on the chip (e.g. incorrect or disconnected phone number).
Your companion animals depend on you for their safety. In addition to a traditional ID tag, get your pet a microchip! Better safe than sorry.

To learn more about microchips, click HERE.

Has your pet become inconvenient? Kick 'em to the curb!

My dog says that a companion animal is a lifetime commitment. Think before you adopt and be sure that you can provide a lifelong home for a pet. That could mean anywhere up to an average of 16 years. All companion animals depend on their human families for basic necessities and a healthy dose of love. Adoption is forever.

Unfortunately, too many people make up excuses to give away their animals. Yes, life happens and things change, but your pet is part of your family. And, there is NO excuse that's good enough to intentionally put your family at risk.

Ever heard of any these excuses in the video below? Would you talk about your human family this way?

Take Your Dog to Work Day is almost here

My dog says this Friday, June 25, is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Hopefully you work in a dog-friendly office and can take Fido with you, but if not, why not suggest to your boss that your company join in on the fun? Dogs can help relieve stress and put you and your co-workers in a better mood. Having your dog at the office might actually make you stay at work longer, too, because you don't have to worry about rushing home to take him/her out (this should make your boss happy, right?).

To learn more about Take Your Dog to Work Day, click HERE.

Bob Barker speaks out for dogs left in cars

My dog says Bob Barker is such a hero to animals! The former Price is Right host has done so many things to advocate for both wild and domestic creatures and his efforts make a real difference. Advocating for elephants in zoos, protecting whales against Japanese hunters, and establishing an animal law program at the University of Virginia are just a few of the many things Barker has done to help animals.

Barker's most recent good deed is the video below, which reminds people about the dangers of leaving your dog in the car. There are other celebs who do things here and there to help animals, but Barker is a step above the rest and always puts his money where his mouth is. Thank you for all you do for animals, Bob! You are our hero!

Paraplegic dog brings out best in doggie daddy

My dog says he doesn't understand why so many people discount the love and loyalty that disabled companion animals can bring. Luckily, this man gets it! Check out this uplifting video to hear the inspiring story of the bond between Craig and his dog, Loois.

If the BP oil spill was in YOUR hometown

My dog says he found an online tool that will help you understand the massiveness of the BP oil spill.

Just put in your location and the map will show how much of your city and state would be covered if the spill happened in your back yard. This is a wonderful tool to help wrap your head around how huge the spill really is. Click HERE to check it out.

Oh, and to find out what you can do to help, check out my earlier post on hair and fur donations!

Dining with your dog made easy

My dog says if you like to take your dog out and about, you should know all the great dog-friendly restaurants in your neighborhood. To help you find the best joint for you and Fido to hang out, you'll want to visit In addition to having a pretty good list of eateries across the globe, you can also find more than 30,000 listings for pet-friendly hotels/motels, campgrounds, beaches, parks, and other places that your pooch is welcome.

After all, your pup is part of the family. Why not take him or her along to enjoy the day with you!
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