Rock stars speak out for farm animals

My dog says he loves it when celebs speak out on behalf of animals! Check out what Mike Ness (lead singer of Social Distortion), Chrissie Hynde (lead singer of The Pretenders), Tony Kanal (base player, No Doubt), and other entertainers (including comedian Elayne Boosler) had to say while at the Animal Acres Gala to help farm animals.

Oh, and check out my earlier post to learn more about the Animal Acres sanctuary by clicking HERE.


  1. that's terrific...such a great reminder of why I choose to NOT to eat meat....they give such love and all they want is to feel safe, you can see it in their eyes..and they know which side of the fence you're's unspoken.

  2. My dog says...

    Anonymous: Everyone here completely agrees with you! Why do people think a dog is more deserving than a pig? All creatures feel pain, enjoy comfort, and appreciate life. Thanks for being one of the compassionate ones who has eliminated suffering and cruelty from their dinner plate!



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