How to properly bottle feed a homeless puppy

My dog says this is a great instructional video on how to bottle feed a puppy! The "instructor" works with Found Animals Foundation, an animal advocacy group that offers low cost spay and neuter programs, pet resources, and animal adoption.

This video is a great how-to if you'd like to become a foster parent to a pup who doesn't have a mom to feed from directly. We're all about spay and neuter at My Dog Says, so remember to say no to breeding! Woof!


  1. Ooooo how cute.....I know that was not the point..but I couldn't help but say it....

    Now on a more serious matter....thank you so much because this is a really great video...I'm a doggy magnet...and I will not be surprised the day I find the I will feel empowered to care for them.

    Oh in fact I just had a flashback about a baby mouse I tried to save once....but that's a story for another day.

  2. My dog says...

    It's a real useful video, isn't it? It's always so sad when babies are separated from their mamas. Even sadder when babies are born only to die because of a lack of good or responsible homes ;-(

    Thanks for being one of the good ones out there, Rachel! The world needs more people who really care---like YOU!



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