My sister met Brad Pitt (fun photo site)!

My dog says today is Monday Funday! We talk about a lot of serious stuff here, but this is just something totally fun. My sister Faith wants to share a star sighting! Check her out with her favorite movie actor, Brad Pitt!

Oh, and how could I forget? My cousin Violet met Ashton Kutcher at the Academy Awards!

Oh, and I couldn't resist. Look at me! I'm Mona Lisa! Woof!

To make a photo of your own, click HERE. It's bow wowrific!

Hat tip to Dog is God in Reverse where we saw photos made using this fun site!


  1. Angelina better watch out! That is one hot bitch on Brad's arm there!

  2. My dog says...

    My sis is one good lookin' girl, huh? She's a frequent victim of breed discrimination, but if people just made the effort to know her, they'd soon discover she's beautiful inside and out.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Rachel. You're milk bonalicious!



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