Product Review: Now Fresh Cat Kibble

My dog says we're anxious to share our latest review with you! This time, we'll be talking about kitty kibble! So, without further adieu, let's get to learning more about Now Fresh dry food for cats!

Now Fresh is a product by Petcurean and is a Canadian brand. It's a high-end food that prides itself on what it contains...and what it doesn't. As for what is has, it includes Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids (from coconut and canola) for a soft and shiny coat, prebiotics and probiotics to aid in healthy digestion, and lots of protein to help a kitty live an active lifestyle! As for what it lacks, it's nothing you want anyway! That means no by-products, gluten, grains, rendered meats, corn, wheat, soy, or fillers.

KitCat, our feline tester, tried the adult recipe, fish flavor. The first five ingredients are deboned trout, whole dried eggs, potatoes, potato flour, and peas. The recipe also contains deboned salmon, deboned herring, and an assortment of fruits and veggies including, tomato, alfalfa, appples, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, pomegranate, papayas, lentils, broccoli, and dried chicory root (for those who don't know, that helps your kitty's poo stink less!).

The kibble is an almost round size, smaller than a pea. It's not disc-shaped like many kibbles. It's actually a little smooshed on two ends, but otherwise circular. The different shape didn't impact KitCat one way or the other and it was easy for him to eat.

So, let's get to what matters most...the taste test! Did Kitty McCatty like it? YES! He really did! Every time we put some in his bowl, we find it disappears very quickly! has a great selection of Now Fresh recipes for cats (and also dogs!). They also carry all life stages: kitten (and puppy!), adult, and senior.

Overall, the Now Fresh Fish Recipe for Adult Cats was a big hit and earns a top score of four out of four paws! This kibble is now in our regular rotation and we look forward to trying the other flavors, as well. KitCat is already a devoted fan and wants to visit Canada to get closer to his new favorite food. In the meantime, he'll have to settle for adding Now Fresh to his monthly Chewy autoship order.

Disclaimer: As a Chewy influencer, we received this product for free so we could sample it. Our reviews, however, are not bought or paid for and you can count on My Dog Says Woof to give you an honest assessment in all our product reviews. 

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